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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Aug 20, 2000.

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    Well, I have decided on a backpack blower. I'm gonna go with the Echo PB60HT. 195 mph and a whopping 840 cfm, me thinks it's big enough.:D I'm gonna ask about oil again. Could I used Stihl oil in it? I didn't see any other kinds of oil besides the Stihl stuff. The dealer is an Echo dealer though so they should carry Echo oils, etc.. And even though I'm going to buy from Alamia, does that mean I can still get warranty on it at my dealer? Is that what they mean when they say "international warranty"? And I'm considered "residential" aren't I? I mean, from what you guys tell me I am. So, is that what I put on the warranty card? Sorry I'm asking so many questions I just wanna make a good choice. Anybody out there had any major problems with the PB60? Is Alamia any good? Thanks guys. :)
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    Scag 48,
    Technically, you are coomercial, but for YOUR warranty purposes, with as little work as you do, just tell them that you are a private owner, or residential. I'm sure Echo won't go out of business. As far as your oil goes, any 2 cycle oil will work. Just buy it by the quart. It's MUCH cheaper this way. You can find this in auto stores and in about any gas station that has any type of oil. It is also sometimes called "outboard" mix oil because outboard boat motors are 2 cycle too. Mix your oil 4 oz. to a gallon. There is usually a handy little window strip and scale on the sides of these quart containers. So when you mix it in the can, depending on the size, make sure you pay attention on the gas pump HOW MUCH GAS(gallons) you're pumping into your MIXED can, NOT THE DOLLAR COST. And don't get your regular gas and your mixed gas mixed up! Good luck with it!
  4. Scag48

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    Runner-I though it was 2.6 ounces to the gallon. That's what the instructions told me when I bought my trimmer. Maybe that's becuase it's a trimmer. Do you have an Echo?
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    I have been running stihl 2 cycle oil for the last 10 years. The reason $$$$$. I've no problem becuse of bad 2 cycle oil. As for warrenty, as long as you have been using the proper mix ratio, should not be a problem. Every echo blower I've ever owned has only been nothing but a work horse. Very few problems. I just can't stand how loud they are.:(
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    Runner wrote:

    {As far as your oil goes, any 2 cycle oil will work. Just buy it by the quart. It is also sometimes called "outboard" mix oil because outboard boat motors are 2 cycle too}

    Wrong! It is called "outboard" oil for a reason. If you look at the jug of oil you will see a few letters like TCW followed by a number. The TCW stands for Two Cycle Water cooled. The number stands for the generation of modifications/additives and presently most are 3. TCW oils are designed to be run in engines with operating temperatures considerably lower than that of air cooled engines. If you take 2 brand new Shindaiwa T-230 trimmers (or any air cooled 2 cycle engine for that matter) and use TCW oil in one and oil designed for use in air cooled engines in the other after a year of use the difference is apparent on a teardown. The engine that has been using air cooled oil will have less piston scuffing, less rod and main bearing wear and will generally be in better condition. 2 cycle oils are getting so specific now that Shindaiwa will double their warranty if you use their oil.
  7. TGCummings

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    I use the Stihl universal 2-Cycle oil for my Echo blowers (as well as my Stihl trimmers, Stihl chainsaw, and Stihl hedgers). I mix it according to the specification on the Stihl equipment and haven't had a problem whatsoever.

    In fact...

    My current blower has had less problems than all my previous ones, in which I used the Echo 2-cycle oil. Coincidence?

    Most likely... ;)

  8. Eric ELM

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    I use Shindaiwa oil in all my 2 cycle engines and have had no internal problems in the past 6 years.
  9. Cutter1

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    I use Halvoline 2cycle. I buy it by the cases at a local Advanced Auto Parts. I use 8 ounces to three gallons of gas. I use the same for everything, toro, shindaiwa's, and any other 2 stroke I use.

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