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And you Minnesota guys are thinking you're going to work before 4/15....


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Shawnee Kansas
It was 82 in KC yesterday but 50s and low 60s are on there way for a week or so. We have some freezes coming also.

The good news is I already have my tan started ;)


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N.E. Wisconsin
:cry: Just keep it there I don't need anymore delays. It could be worse, we could be in the U.P. It started snowing there yesterday morning.


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MN, A-noka CO.
Just leaves us more time to do important stuff.

I'm just glad I havn't put down the pre-emergent yet.
The stuff I use says not to apply during cold weather.

This is on the label-------


cold weather, excessive moisture, high soil pH, high soil salt
concentration, or drought can weaken turfgrass

and increase the possibility of turf damage from this product.


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rochester mn
too early for spring clean ups.....way to muddy around here. We need some warm sunny days!! and way to early for pre-emergents. Just have to continue getting equipment ready and wait.


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andover, mn
it snowed for a while up here in the north metro...kinda hard to mow with half an inch of snow sitting on the ground lol...