And you thought you had bad luck...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardatwork, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Geesh...can these past few weeks get worse...well with my luck...probably! So many of you know that a few weeks back I almost cut off three fingers after shoving my hand under the mower deck while the blades were still spinning...ALL MY FAULT, but the fingers have healed nicely.

    Two weeks ago my John Deere M655 blew a hose and all the hydro fluid dropped into a high end clients yard...burnt up his grass and the tractor repair cost me around $100.00 for a blown hose, fluid, and labor. That was on a Wednesday. Then on Saturday, the Deere started "growling" because...the hydro pump went cause the lack of fluid for those few seconds ruined it. So, back to the mechanic (9/11), $712.00 later and a new pump the Deere is fixed. Go to drive the Deere off the trailer and it won't start. When I turn the key over, smoke starts pouring out from under the seat/ignition/throttle area...almost sure it's the ignition switch. At this point the Deere can sit for a few weeks before that repair.

    One of my Toro Z400s has been leaking hydro oil all year. I finally have the time to get it fixed after pinpointing that the drive motor needs replaced. So last Friday they put in a new motor and I picked it up on Saturday (9/12)...that ran me $585.00. Only to find out that the other side is starting to leak...not bad, but none the less. OTHER Toro Z400 was backed off the trailer last Thursday and low and behold...hydro oil on the trailer. Checked the hydro fluid and it was down a half quart. Can you see where this is going??!!! Already spent $1300.00 to fix one Toro and the Deere. The one Toro still needs fixed and now this Toro is going to need fixed...AHHHHH!

    With all that being said, what else can go wrong? How about the Husqvarna trimmer starting to lose power yesterday. I feel the motor area and it's burning hot. I decide to put the trimmer in the bed of the truck and grab the other Husq trimmer to finish the job. When I put the one giving me trouble in the bed, like a sign from above, it flipped upside down showing an interesting sight...oil and lube mixed with what looked like metal shaving around the gearbox area.

    Geesh...I almost forgot about the "commercial" Craftsman trimmer breaking down last Tuesday. It was a quick purchase to complete a days worth of work while another trimmer was being fixed last year...I didn't have any big dreams for this thing and it showed it's true "commercial" year of use. This trimmer is identical in design to the Husqvarna 125L. Probably made in the same factory, but just different body casing. However, this trimmer has a lot of low grade, plastic internal parts

    If you had trouble following all that, I apologize. All I know is that I'm writing checks like crazy for repairs and I'm getting pissed!!! And to make things Quarter 3 taxes were due. Thousands of dollars all gone in a few days!

    But guess what...I'M SELF EMPLOYEED AND LOVE IT!!!
  2. Pietro

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    My Z was leaking a LITTLE bit of hydro oil around the fittings, where the hose is clamped onto the metal fitting. Being under warrenty I took it to the dealer 4 times for this problem. The dealer even said, they all leak SLIGHTLY. There is so much pressure in those hoses. I dont care what anyone says about their Z not leaking hydro oil. Look at the hoses, I bet ya theyre dirty by the connections.
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    how old are the toro z400s? have you like them so far? i am in the market for a new ztr and am going to demo on friday just looking for any imput. thanks. btw sounds like you have had a week like mine. Although i would say yours was a bit worse. thanks
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    Sometimes when it rains it pours. Sorry about your luck.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    damn. sorrry about your bad luck. hope things turn around
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    Man! sorry to hear all the bad news... hope everything goes better. I thought my luck was bad when two nights ago a deer ran out in front of my truck while pullin the trailer so i couldnt avoid it, totaled my passenger door. Then yesterday went to open to the tool box on the truck to get my oil out and the lock cylinder had broke and i couldnt get into my box. Things now seem not so bad after reading your post....
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    Sounds like you should sell some equipment and buy some new stuff
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    I would consider diving in and trying to fix some of that stuff yourself. A hydro system is basically a pump, two hoses, and a motor. Sometimes a pump, 4 hoses, and two motors.

    If a pump or hydro motor goes, you just replace it. Bolt off, bolt on, connect hoses.

    A leak is usually in a line somewhere or a connection point. replace the line or the connection, slightly more complicated than working on a garden hose.

    It will save you alot of money over paying a dealer for repairs, especially once you start finding sources for aftermarket hydro motors and pumps.
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    My thought exactly !!
  10. P.Services

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    so whats the problem? sounds like the average day.

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