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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by andersman02, Apr 27, 2013.

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    If you don't mind could you post a little info on that Chevy you just picked up? Miles, price. Someone has one for sale right next door and I was thinking of using it for residential plowing also.
  2. 94gt331

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    Everything looks awesome, I like your work! Where you located and how big is your crew, thanks.
  3. andersman02

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    Chevy is a 1998 k2500 silverado. body has 250k on it. 350 gasser has 70k on it, tranny has 50k on it. Overall its my favorite truck to drive around. He was asking 6k but got him down to 4k as it needed work. Plow needed a whole new quadrant and aframe unfortunately. If we knew that we'd got him down even more. Everything is is great shape though for the year. No underbody rust, shifts like butter and the plow is basically like new now. Its definately a smaller HD truck but perfect for driveways
  4. andersman02

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    We are out of the Twin Cities. During summer we have 11 on payroll. We started doing maint 3 years ago and landscaping this year once I graduated college.
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    Thanks, I'll see what he will take for it. You just graduated? Looks like you've been pretty busy the last couple years for a twenty year ole, what was your major in?
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    I love those OBS GM trucks, that one looks clean for a 15 yr old plow truck from MN. Looks like you're partial to Ford's though. You guys buy most of your stuff new or used? How long you been in the biz? I see you've got a couple early 90's cab-overs in your fleet shot, what do you use those for? What services do you guys offer? Oh, and BTW. You have a real nice operation! :) You should be proud! :usflag:
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    Major was in Horticulture-landscape design from UW-RF. The maintenance/landscape/snow removal were my "additions" to the company. Its family owned so I have my hands in alot of it.
  8. andersman02

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    Yeah the Chevy is actually very clean for the year and miles. Only rust it has is on the bottom of the doors. I love driving that little thing.

    For buying, depends on the truck, the 01s were all bought new when we phaised out some of the 1990's. Cabovers were new. Dump and chevy were used. Really depends on what we are using it for.

    The Isuzus are 550/150 gallon tank fert trucks. Expensive as hell but BY FAR the most efficient setup for fert/herbicide. One of the guys broke a company record last week for jobs done in a week with them.

    We've been in business since 1978. Before that my grandpa owned a different business but went with the volume/cheap price attempt. That didn't work out well. Started this company with the complete opposite mindframe and have been at it since.

    We offer everything except irrigation. Bread and butter is fert/herbicide.

    TBH I may start a daughter company for Landscape Installs. Our name is well known but NOT for landscaping.

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