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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wiseguyslawn, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. tremor

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    Anderson's SGN 215 with an outstanding UI versus SGN 240 with an all over the place UI for most lower quality brands.

    Sold 2 1/2 trailers just today.

    Pricing is comparable to others until you factor in the reduced call backs for lousy crabgrass control. The Anderson's product looks even better then.
  2. FdLLawnMan

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    I asked my local supplier who sells Anderson fertilizer about pricing and quality. It is a very nice fertilizer but it is way more expensive than what I pay at JDL/Lesco. I am talking many dollars a bag for similar products.
  3. ted putnam

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    I ran into the same thing. $6-$10/bag more depending on what flavor I got. I went up on my prices but not enough to justify that....
  4. Whitey4

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    It sure seems to me that regional pricing is varying widely. For the most comparable products, I can get Anderson's w/ barricade cheaper than the Lesco price here. The Anderson 20-3-10 .287 barricade is cheaper than the Lesco 25-2-5 by $2.50 a bag. (The Anderson is $23.50 a bag with no volume discount)
  5. FdLLawnMan

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    The supplier did mention that Anderson's with dimension was more reasonable but that the normal fertilizer without control products was much more expensive. Don't ask me why as I really don't know. Let us know if the rest of the Anderson's line is more affordable than Lesco.
  6. bglawncommand

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    We're switching to Anderson's this year, and they back up all of our applications (grubs are a biggie). Price is good, support is good.
  7. Jerry Andersen

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    we have not got the site done yet. I'm waiting to get decals on my truck so i can put it on the site.
    all kick backs welcome but i'm not related to them if i was i think it would be eaiser to turn a large profit
  8. thecompletehome

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    Which 25-2-5 Lesco product are comparing to that price? I was looking for an analysis like that with Barricade from Lesco. I used that analysis with Dimension in the past but I was told Lesco does not make that analysis with Barricade.
  9. rcreech

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    I hear ya!


    To everyone else,

    I wonder why when Lesco/JDL is found to be higher they are crooks and evil and where Andersons and the other are higher, nobody ever talks about it?

    I am glad to see how prices are all over the board for everyone!

    I ended up checking 3 places on fert prices and THANK GOD my Lesco was cheaper on almost everything!

    They were a dollar cheaper then everyone on their Dimension combo.

    Anyways.....I think that shows us all the LESCO isn't screwing anyone. It is just regional pricing!
  10. Whitey4

    Whitey4 LawnSite Silver Member
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    That Lesco price for the 25-2-5 50% was a pendi pre-M. Lesco's item # 084649. The Dimension is restricted here, I can't use it until I go from tech to applicator next year. I think I'd rather use the Barricade over the pendi anyway.

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