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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Dyllan78, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Dyllan78

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    Does anyone have any experience with Angies List, Is it a good way to advertise?
  2. 4slservices

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    One of my customers was so kind to write a review on Angieslist. Thats how I got on there. Ever since then if I get a lead from Angieslist it tends to be a good one and they add reviews too. At least from my experience, leads from websites that you pay for the lead tend to be customers shopping around for price and its hit or miss. Angie's list customers are shopping for the business. They want to do business with someone who has good reviews.
    I dont pay for any of the premium stuff.
  3. VIPTC

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    No, it's not particularly effective. Customers have to pay to access Angies List, which severely limits the potential customer pool for contractors. Fewer than 10% of my potential customers are signed up for Angies List. Yes, you do get decent leads - it's just that you don't get many of them. And as with any other review based service you have to keep in mind that anyone can put a bad review out there, whether it's deserved or not. Angies List works much better for big ticket items such as roofing or heating/ac.
  4. Ric

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    I signed up on Angie's list a year ago and haven't got one lead from it that I know of. I have hear that there is a lot of bad mouthing of contractors and several Law suits over bad mouthing. I have never paid to see what is actually on Angie's list, so someone will have to verify whether it is true or not.

    Bottom line is, any advertisement that is free should be taken advantage of. I get an Occasional job off of Craig's list. I don't get enough calls from Craig's List that I would be willing to pay for it. But I keep renewing my Ad and take what I get.

    I find the best advertisement are the Local HOA Newsletters, Fliers or course, and CLOVER LEAFING present accounts.

  5. getdown

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    from Florida
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    Who do you contact for hoa newsletter advertising?
  6. Ric

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    If a HOA is big enough to have a regular News Letter with advertisement, They will be big enough to have an Office. Sometimes there is a little office politics evolved to get on the New Letter. If the HOA's President's Grandson cuts grass you can forget it. I got Lucky and had a big HOA call me offering advisement in exchange for Inside Pest Control. I have had that HOA building and property for several years now and I Kiss butt and N/C any time they ask for an extra. It has paid off because I do the L&O for the office staff's homes, but for full price. They give me word of mouth.

    Property Management companies can be both Good or Bad. Once again it depends on office politics. You just have to knock on doors and give it a try.

    Back when I was a full service lawn care company I never had to advertise. But now that I am doing a lot of inside pest control, I have to advertise. One time infestations can be very profitable as well as a PITA. A Bed Bug job can easily run in the low 4 figures.

    Beware the Telephone salesman that sell Place Mat and Country Club Phone Directory Advertisement. I have never used them and feel it is a scam.

  7. Think Green

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    For those that is a member of Angie's list, have you allowed for privileged information to their databanks? I mean, the approval through proof of insurance, licenses,etc. I am a member of Angie's list.........haven't received one call thus far. I have the credentials they asked for, but do not comply with allowing these items on their forums, nor am I sending them any proofs. My local clients only get this when asked for.
    I am sure there is more sensitive areas with direct interest. In larger city populations, the usage of a professional forum as Angie's is a great medium for scouting pro's, however, must be for the masses that has been duped from crooked locals. I have a free site on Facebook.......just as many do! I have a listing on Craig's.........just as many do. The bottom line is..................when all other local advertising publications fizzles out........what is left? I do not go extreme in reaching outward for forum's that lend me no payback. I agree with others above, I don't feel that payment into their premium package deals will give me more in return.
  8. ctvalley

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    I did pay for the premium at the end of the season this year. Not much happening yet, but it is the slow season and I haven't set up everything to make it attractive. Paying premium puts me #1 on top when people search for landscaping and fertilizer programs
  9. Think Green

    Think Green LawnSite Silver Member
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    I have learned that each area.....depending on population should have either one of these organizations. 1. Homebuilder's 2. Landscape Contractor's 3. Irrigation Contractor's....etc. Chamber's of Commerce is a great place to attract first rate clients, especially from member's. I prefer to deal locally unless you are franchised out.
    I haven't seen nor heard the numbers relating to my area as to the influx of living calls for my services in Lawn Services. I cannot knock down the return investment for all that has invested money in this company. I make not ill judgment on their service agreements, I just do not think it will work for me.
    I was given such incentives through other sites...........burned too badly to invest in high winded salespeople.

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