Angle grinder users - What kind of wheel?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BAMARED, Mar 21, 2003.


    BAMARED LawnSite Member
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    Of those of you that uses angle grinders to sharpen blades, what kind of wheel/stone do you use? I've used both the solid rock type of disk/wheel and have used a disk/wheel that has multiple flappers on the disk/wheel that creates a sort of cushioned effect as it will flex.

    The solid rock type of disks/wheels removes the steel real quick and if not careful, too quickly. It leaves a nice razor sharp edge, but is less forgiving. On the other hand, the multiple flappers type of wheels/disks is more forgiving and overall easier to work with. But it tends to round the cutting angle and it's harder to achieve a razor edge.

    Sorry that my terminology is not "up-to-snuff" regarding these wheels/disks. But I was just curious to find out what's the best type of wheel/disk to use with my 4.5" angle grinder.


  2. bastalker

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    I use a flex disc ...50 grit on my angle grinder works great!:drinkup:

  3. Stone and a sort of mesh inside it . i`ll post a pic when i get my camer back they also take nasty chunks out of your wrist i`ll post a pic of my wrist soon where i had a grinder incident last spring.
  4. Navig8r

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    I use a solid wheel only to take out nicks or other damage....
    I always finish with a file, and if the blade is in good condition, that's all I use..... leaves a razor edge, without burning or removing too much material......

    Like to have a blade grinder, but not thi$ year.
  5. MOW ED

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    Doesn't Brad or LGF sell these?

    Oh, right that was Flex-DECK......

    I use a solid wheel on the angle grinder. Got to be careful not to sharpen to a razors edge also have to be careful not to turn the steel blue. Someday I would like a blade sharpener but don't want to cough up the bucks.
  6. sparechange

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    I use a 50 grit sanding disc if the nicks in the blade are not too bad and a grinding wheel if they are. I usually have to take them to a friend with a blade grinder each year to get the edge back to 'factory'.
  7. Phishook

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    50 - 80 solid sanding pad, with the rubber backing.
    Make sure it's spinning away from the cutting edge so it doesn't catch and rip.
  8. Sooners

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    I see where some of you sharpen to a razor edge. I always come back and round that edge back a little. I'm thinking the razor edge will dull & chip easier. Mine dull too fast as it is anyway, what with the pine cones and sticks. My yards are too big to pick up everything. Anyone try both types of edges and have any input?? By the way I prefer a coarse sanding disk to a rock. It doesn't overheat and turn blue as easily and it's easier to follow the shape of a mulching blade.
  9. MacLawnCo

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    Actually, that is not good info. Most (if not all) professional blade grinders have wheels that spin into the blade. I dont remember the reasoning, but if you want you can look into that.
  10. 1grnlwn

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    Actually that is perfect advise for sandpaper or soft grinder. The reason blade grinders spin into the bevel is because it would tend to jam if ground in the other direction.


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