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    Post here again after you determine whose axles those are. If they are in fact Dexters, I'll give you a name and phone number at Dexter. There should be a metal tag on the back side of each axle tube somewhere near the center of the axle, riveted in place, with serial numbers that will identify it as a Dexter.

    It sounds like either the spindles or the axle tube itself is bent, neither of which should have happened unless you've grossly overloaded the trailer or backed into something with that rear axle.

    The only other possibility is that the rear axle is improperly aligned with the front axle, causing the tires to 'scrub' instead of rolling in line with the front ones. You can check this by measuring the distance between the front and rear axle centers. When you have the wheels and drums off the spindles to do that brake job, measure the distance between the dimples, (or grease fittings, if so equipped), that you will find in the center of each spindle end of the two axles. The measurements from one side compared to the other should be within 1/8". NO MORE!

    And yes, you are correct. You would need to change the whole axle to gain more capacity. The biggest gripe I have with spring suspensions is all the moving parts that continually wear out; the spring shackles, equalizers, bushings and the bolts that hold them all in place. Once these start to wear, the axles tend to go out of alignment and cause tire wear like you're experiencing now.

    Let me know how you make out!

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    No inspection needed here in Jax, FL. Just build it, get it weighed, get a vin/registration and tag fr Drivers lic. office.

    I thought the same thing ie"how do they know it is built right? or even if the weight on the slip is correct" but we have already built & sold a few (small ones out of the front yard) with no trouble.

    I guess they trust if you are building it you will be hauling it and you will make sure it is built right"

    Ours are built extra solid, but I would not trust just any Joe to know what they are doing...
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    No, you are incorrect. Here in NC you (anybody) can build a trailer, you do not have to be certified, and then go to the DMV tag office and get the form, take it to the Highway Patrol Office, they basically look at it and if it looks good they pass it. They are just looking to make sure it looks right and has the correct lighting. Then take the form back to the DMV and they title it and give you a number to put on the axle and tongue. I have built three trailers that are all still on the road and I AM NOT certified, just qualified.
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    I think now in NC you also have to show reciepts for where the axels and such came from. I used to use house trailer axles for building small trailers but I have been told that that has been outlawed now also. But you are right in NC, build the trailer, obtain forms for title from DMV, get inspected by State Patrol. No cetifications needed as far as weilding experience, ect.
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    No, no reciepts needed. I don't know about the trailer axle thing but I use new axle built just for trailers and no problem. I just had one inspected the other week and wasn't asked for reciepts.:cool2:
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    yup.. no house trailer axles any more in NC. Actually its the "donut" type wheels they dont like. If ya use the axle itself, change the hub out to accept a regular solid rim.
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    In the past, we reused "mobile Home" axles. (not in the last year) Do not know if it is illegal in FL but, we only use new axles for the new trailers we have built. (looks better and brings a higher price) That is interesting to hear about, though.. My Father uses a 16' ft w/MH axles.

    We just got tags last week for our current project, a 5X12.
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    qdriver, it may depend where you live if you will save. A friend of mine was in the trailer building business here in Louisiana. He made top quality stuff, but couldn't compete with the price of trailers made in northeast Texas. He said they sold them for about $50 more than it cost him for materials. He told me they buy material in such volume that he couldn't justify making trailers anymore unless it was a custom order. He went more into the trailer sales ens and less welding. You can usually get a 16 foot tandem for about $700 - $800. Then weld up sides as needed. Think this might be you cheapest route. If you were near steel mills, maybe you would save. You also have to consider the pullability you will get out of a home job. If not aligned right with jigs and square exactly, it will pull badly. I have seen trailers built that wore out tires and pulled to one side. They looked great, but pulled like a square log. Anyway, good luck however you do it.:D
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    Thank You for your feedback. I would be nice if I could find 16' tandems for that price in my area. However, for whatever reason, the prices are WAY higher here. My father and I are both "A" types so we pay close attention to measurement detail. But I know it could be better w/a jig. If we buy a trailer it is usually from John Q 'cause he usually sets the price low. Then we in fact "build it up" sand blast and paint it. add on some profit and Shazam...:cool:
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    Angle iron would not be strong enough to hold a skid loader, I would use 4" channel iron, We have 4 skid loader trailers that we have built over the last couple of years, 2 743's and 2 843 high flow, each machine weighs approx. 4900lbs and have no problem with the channel, One trick we use to keep the trailers in good shape is to prime and paint them with marine grade paint from sherwin williams.

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