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Every year the Kiwanis have a radio auction. This is the second year that I have donated a gift certificate. It was for $25 off an aeration.

Well, this is where it starts to get fun... every year the paper puts out the list of items for auction. The newspaper put a misprint of my gift certicate by saying, "$25 a lawn aeration." Well, it made me mad because it was wrong at the time, but I thought its alright because once the customer gets the gift certificate they will see the paper was wrong and that it is only for $25 off, not $25 for the entire lawn.

So I get the call from the lady about the aeration and she is mad because of the misprint and she is basically blaming it on me. So I explain the whole story to her and then she says, "Well you might as well come out then and measure the lawn and tell me the price for the aeration."

I get out there today (yes I finally found it wriken) and the place isn't a great looking property. Not maintained that great. So I measure and it is about 20,500 sq ft. I am thinking to myself, "Oh man, there is no why in heck she is going to pay $180 ($205 minus $25 gift certificate). So I left the estimate in the door and got the heck out of there. Now, I am just drending to hear the phone call tonight and telling me that I am crazy for that price.

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Your a pro, who cares. They get thrown out. I lost a bid to a church for only $240 / week lawn care, to finds out the Deacons decided to do it. I will get the call in a couple weeks.

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