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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by C Cutters, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. C Cutters

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    Sorry ya'll just have to vent. I got a call today on my answering machine from a local competitor. It said something to the effect of: "Yo man, what is this College Cutters (name of my company) sh**. Quit putting you're flyers in my area, this is my fu***** turf!"
    Alright first off, who has the audacity to actually call another company and leave a message like that. Of course, he did not leave any contact info (wish he had), but still that just irritates all hell out of me. Kind of pissed me off at first, but now it's just motivating me. If this is the caliber of competition I am to be dealing with, then I stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I just can't beleive that there are people like that. Ever happened to any of you guys?

    P.S.- I think I will ramp up my marketing in that particular area now
  2. Uranus

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    That's just wrong. I bet this guy did the same thing back when he started.

    Like I say, I'm not in business to make friends, but like to run a friendly business.

    This jerk probably had a few drinks or grew some guts in front of his friends and left that message to make him look like a tough guy and scare you. Don't let it get to you, but I wouldn't be "ramping up" in any area. You got your message out there. If they want you they will call.

    Just watch your gear out of the corner of your eye when in the back yards. Never know how far this guy is willing to take the issue. A quick drive by and grab will cost you a lot of money if your not careful of where you leave your equipment. Just goes to show you how professional this guy is.

    Good luck out there. Make some money.
  3. Bustus

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    ya I'd be upset too, but he doesn't own the place. Id advertise more as well.
  4. Lynden-Jeff

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    When ever some one challenges me I just step it up. Some guy spray painted a bunch of my signs. I took them down, replaced them And tripled the amount in the area. So far no more ripped down. Im also going to hammer out more flyers.

  5. thes

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    Hahaha....I guess he'll get a big surprise when he realizes that HE was one of your motivating forces!!!:laugh: :weightlifter: :laugh:
  6. terrapro

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    i hope you didnt erase the message! i would definately save it for evidence in case of an incidence. you do live in cincinatti!
  7. motoguy

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    Any chance of matching the time stamp on the answering machine with the caller ID? Might give you the phone number of the guy who called. ;)
  8. stumpslawncare

    stumpslawncare LawnSite Member
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    Don't let it bother you, If he is going to do this to you then I am sure he is not too friendly to his customers either.
  9. Ecoscape01

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    Well he's obviously not very established if he is concerned about you. I don't think any one of my established competitors would lose a minute of sleep over seeing one of my flyers. What a dumbass
  10. LawnGuy73

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    LOL, wow what a moron.

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