Animal Fatalities while on the Job

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corycc, Aug 3, 2001.

  1. corycc

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    I like to think I am a macho-man, but I don't like killing things. Today, I was out mowing a yard and saw a baby bunny run out into the yard as I came around the corner. I didn't see where it went but figured it ran off. Well, I start my rows and the third or fourth I heard my blades hit something. Well you guessed it. I hit the rabbit. It had burried itself under the grass trying to get away from me and I didn't see it. Made a bloody mess too. It was still wiggling. But that's not the end of it. About seven or eight rows later, the rear half of the bunny flew out from under my deck. At first I thought I had hit another, but then realized it was just a half.

    I had two lawns across the street from eachother and I had rescued a baby rabbit from a basement window well and it ran across the street. Started mowing the other yard and saw something wiggling in the grass. I had run over the same rabbit, with my tire.

    I was trimming around the parking lot of a Girl Scout Camp that I maintain and killed a snake once.

    You guys ever kill anything while on the job?:cry:
  2. Calvin

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    Yea, a six pack.
  3. I think we need a moderator to KILL this one. Great reading right after dinner eh?
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    I've killed the usual snakes, frogs, toads no rabbits thank you,but the nastiest was when i let a lawn get a little too long i hit a turtle about 10 inch shell,ripped him in half lengthwise. half shredded everywhere other half not a scratch,not a fun scrape of the deck + blade change:angel:
  5. Got Grass?

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    On my own Nothing. Working for someone last year hit a bunny, a mouse and cliped the wings of a turky in late october. It was hiding in a Yew between the house and fence. I scared it out, only a couple feathers went flying and it hoped on the Yew and over the fence so I knew it was ok.
    Now 2 years ago at Home Depot there was always dead animals arround the place, I think becasue thay dumped all the open bags of fert. and stuff in back. Dead Duck, Seagul, Crow, Snake, Rabbit, Rats. and bones of unknowns prolly squirls. Killed a couple mice and small rats there. Luckly I was supervisor and always made other people clean the decks. Thoes plastic pallet/box straps are the worst to run over.
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    this is a crazy thread .i just weed wack a stupid frog on wensday but he made it just cut his back open i never saw the little sucker my trmmer glasses are scratch up on both of them from edgeing better buy new ones before i run over a dog.......
  8. Currier

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    Last week I was mowing and stopped the mower just in time to avoid the dead and disemboweled body of a racoon...unfortunately I did see part of an intestine get sucked under the deck! This was the first lawn of the day and was NOT a real pleasant way to begin!
  9. rdh

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    snakes and mice if the dbl blades dont do it i will back up and use the tire .
  10. JLC

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    The baby bunny one does feel nasty after you do it. If those stupid animals just wouldn't poke their heads up to see whats coming. My worst is just plain nasty and you may not be able to eat a certain food after you read it. You've been warned...years ago when I first started mowing I was doing a residential backyard and the grass was tall. I was mowing the perimeter. The first pass I heard a thud. Didn't think anything, thought it was a stick. Next pass, oh my, it wasn't a stick, it was a dead rabbit. I did a cross section of him. The only movement was the jillion white maggots squirming inside its stomach. Now for the kicker...lets just say that after what I saw I can't bring myself to eat a twice baked potatoe. EECCHH.

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