Animals in yards???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muxx, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. muxx

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    Does any one know why the grass is always greener or grows faster in areas which dogs do their business? What is it that makes it that way? Is there a chemical that will have this affect?
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    I don't know the science of it but it's natural fertilizer, like farmers put on their fields.
    An ad in Turf magazine had a product that contained iron that's supposed to green up the lawn almost before your eyes. I can't remember the name but it was in the April issue(maybe March I'm not sure).
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    Yep, puppy poo is a natural fertilizer to an extent and also the nastiest thing on earth next to cat crap. Dogs that eat table scrapes produce low quality weed-eater slinging stuff where as those eating commercial dog food tend to be higher quality that will dry up fairly easy with a little good/sun weather. I posted a thread on dog crap a few days ago discussing how we deal with it. “We do not tolerate Dog Waste” too much of it will kill a lawn and makes for a bad mowing experience it is just bad for moral.

    Don’t know the anaylisis on dog waste but I am Sure it is low in nutrient content no matter the quality dog do not digest well as they only have one stomach as compared to a cows four which makes great fertilizer.

    What can I tell ya small town learn a little (not much) about everything!

    Mo,mo,mo, yo self quickly to de bank!
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    Bone meal is a fertilizer. Doggy $%#@ contains bone meal. Well, just about every ingredient in dog food is also found in fertilizers.

    Hybrid and common Bermuda and Saint Augustine lawns loose their color, turn brown, and seem to die when the weather turns cold. Yet when you drive by a golf course you see how green they are and you wonder how they keep the greens so green?

    So what is the secret? It is ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is similar to ammonium sulfate also known as sulfate of ammonia. However, ammonium nitrate works best when the weather is cold. Ammonium nitrate is high in nitrogen, which is perfect for keeping your lawn green.

    Remember, it is ammonium nitrate for a green lawn in the winter and sulfate of ammonia for a green lawn in the summer.
    You can get this at Lesco .......but you have to be license to put it down
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    did you get this question from the chat room im just wondering
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    Dogs? Did anyone say dogs? I just mow around them.

    I had a dog that was on medication and killed the grass everytime it took a P.

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