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    Last year and now this spring year I continue to have the same problem. In Northeast, I have small patches that the grass just disappears like it was chewed to turf. I had a pro come out last year and he said no insects. Now this spring I see it happening again. I am near woods, many Deer n coyote. I noticed the other day 3 spots of feces on front lawn. (no dogs around). I also noticed patches of grass that would be laying around like an animal carried the patchof grass. I would walk up to the patch and pick it up and it was like this patch didn't belong here, it was carried from somewhere else. I do have voles but I don't think they make damage in big patches? Vole damage looks like runways right?
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    and deer feces:,r:1,s:0&biw=1003&bih=610

    Vole damage looks like runways or shallow tunnels in grass. What kind of tracks do you have--any deer tracks?

    Maybe try the electronic deer repellent shock pole. Bait with an apple. When his nose touches the two wires, 15,000 volts. Three AA batteries not included.

    I suppose armadillos are out of the question, but skunks and racoons are still possible. check for grubs.
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    I had that issue on my yard. I though it was grubs until I was home one days and about 20 crows killed about a 20 ft radius.
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    Does a golfer live close by? Just a thought. Chip shots.
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    Here is the classic problem. blades look like they have been chewed down to turf, and only a straw colored patch remains. Insect or animal?

    I find some of these patches scattered around the yard just laying in spots where they dont belong.

    some droppings
  6. moreira85

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    I'm gonna have to call a second pro. Grass keeps getting chewed !
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    From the photos posted it's kinda hard to determine a cause. The droppings do appear to be in fact crap. What kind of crap? Iv'e seen a lot of crap over the years but I'm not sure what kind. I have eliminated ( pun intended ) larger animals like elephants etc.. however. All kidding aside. Consider posting one of those motion activated trail cams to seem if it is in fact some type of animal. Of course if it's bigfoot and you get a good pic you could just buy a new lawn with all the money you make. :laugh:
  8. ted putnam

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    Looks similar to coyote crap. Can't tell what the contents are from the pics. Any bone fragments or hair in it? Coyotes might dig up the lawn looking for rodents but I don't believe they are grazers. Like TLG said, it could be Sasquatch. Set your trailcam on video. The BFRO is offering $100 per second for authentic Bigfoot video.payup :)
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    Being in the northeast, and having lived in black bear country for 23 yrs when I was younger, I think it may be black bears coming out of hibernation digging for grubs. They usually dig through logs for grubs, but, hell...if I was hungry I would dig in a lawn too.

    I'm not a scat expert, but it reminds me of the scat I use to find in my lawn. I've startled many big black bears on my property in the past...actually, I use to leave that scat after they startled me too:laugh:
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    Voles have runways , yes... but they also have nesting areas unter the snow and can chew up large areas as well....

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