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  1. moreira85

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    WEll, whatever the droppings are I dont think thats what is doing the damage. I walked around more today and snapped some pics. Saw a few rabbits grazing today but dont think they are causing this.

    Do you agree that these pics confirm voles? It looks like runways in the lawn, especially the first pic. Whatever they are, they sure do damage fast! Unless there are a lot of them. I also see that something is chewing off the bark at the bottom of the tree.
    Question is what do I do about it?
    Look at this pic along the walkway, seems as like a runway.
  2. nik

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    Mebbe Racoons?
  3. bamaturf

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    looks like mole crickets, they tunnel thru the roots. is the ground squishy
    when you walk on it ? biferin takes em out.
    and i see some BigFoot terds
  4. moreira85

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    I looked up mole cricket, not sure if there a problem in new England. I did see a strange looking bug that resembled this in my house. Somehow it got in when the door was open and was very crunchy. Not sure if it was mole cricket.
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  5. moreira85

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    I examined all the trouble spots again looking for any symptoms. I found that in all the areas I see these little droppings. Any idea what they are from?
    They are chocolate in color and smaller than rabbit droppings. They are about the size of beebies you would put in a pellet gun or the size of fertilizer.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Have you considered snowmold? Brown areas are rather random. And unaffected grass clumps are doing fine. Is the problem under deep snow?

    Round pellets could be the fruit or seed of some kind of tree. Cut them open. Smell them. Put out a couple mouse traps.
  7. moreira85

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    Pretty sure its not snow mold, I know what that looks like and I have it in some areas. This is thinning grass that getts chewed, you can see the ragged edges of the blades from whatever is chewing them. I examined the small round droppings, they aren't seeds. I can split them right in half with finger or crush them. They look like they are chocolate all the way through.
    Ill figure it out sooner or later.
    Had the same problem last year.
  8. Smallaxe

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    Voles leave a lot more dead strawlike mess, because they chew above the roots... These trails look like moles or something else that eats the roots. Vole poop looks like mice poop, and not sure about mole poop... let us know if you discover something definitive...
  9. moreira85

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    just called a pro . is coming by this afternoon I will update
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  10. moreira85

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    So heres the deal. I called the pro today and he came by when I wasnt home. He called and said he thinks its grubs and to throw down dylox. I still dont think its grubs heres why. When I called and asked him to come by he said "You probably have grubs".
    When he called to tell me that its grubs I asked if he found any and he said no. I got my spade shovel when I got home and checked 5 different places and no sign of any grubs. The problem doesnt appear wth the roots, these blades are disappearing fast. Just from yesterday to today I cant believe what is happening. It seems the first sign is the blades turning white to a straw like color. I do seem to have a pretty good case of thatch.
    I showed the guys at Lesco some pics and they said if you havent seen any grubs why treat it for grubs?
    I did find a few of these in they yard today.


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