Announcing the BigMoT 34" Hydro, all new from Sarlo Manufacturing.

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Sarlo Power Mowers, Inc. launches BigMo™ 34, an all-new 34” Hydro walk-behind lawn mower featuring the new patented Twin Track™ deck.

BigMo 34 Hydro is a unique, new 34-inch walk-behind mower with a hydrostatic transmission and innovative new, patented cutting system.

FORT MYERS, Florida – October 7, 2016 – Sarlo Power Mowers, Inc. introduces the new BigMo™ 34” Hydro, a walk-behind mower with a 34-inch cutting deck, hydro transmission and the revolutionary, patented Twin Track™ Deck. The Twin Track cutting system features an in-line spindle design built into an extremely compact platform. The unique Twin Track blade system offers an extraordinary quality cut.

The BigMo 34” Hydro is built to commercial-duty specifications with a powerful 10.5 Hp. engine and hydrostatic drive system, providing the ultimate blend of performance and convenience. BigMo 34 is affordably priced and delivers a superior cut in less time.

Packed with features, the BigMo 34 Hydro is the only 34-inch walk-behind hydro mower on the market with Sarlo’s advanced, innovative Twin Track cutting technology.

“As we continue to expand the BigMo line of equipment, the new Twin Track 34" answers the call for a wide area mower that is also compact,” said Sarlo Power Mowers’ President, Tony Sarlo. “The patented deck system provides a spectacular finished cut that will be appreciated by the commercial landscaper as well as homeowners.”

The BigMo 34 Hydro offers 7 cutting positions with no-tools height adjustment, bearing-mounted, no-flat front swivel caster wheels, large turf tires in the rear, positive reverse and differential axle, electric clutch, commercial, greaseable blade spindles and a fabricated deck.

Founded in 1935, Sarlo Power Mowers pioneered the first high-wheel walk-behind mower. Sarlo is family-owned and the oldest lawn mower manufacturer in the United States under single ownership. The BigMo 34 Hydro product introduction continues Sarlo’s more than 81-year tradition of innovation in American manufacturing.

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Seems like a neat and not overly complex machine that has a lot of capabilities. How much are the blades? "Twine blades" are they TYPical or unique (assigned positioning)? Buy individually or as a set? What is the thickness and over lapping clearance of these blades? Is this hydro varible speed 0 to 5.5 mph? Will this be offered through Northern tool sometime? Is there a parts manual of pdf available? What does "Bullet Proof" mean for the transmission? This is a sealed hydo, no reservoir or changing of fluid? Other than width and production what is the differences between the 30" and the 34" cut? The kill lever (pulls up) on the handle kills the motor, brakes the motor or just disengages the blade? Heard about the 30" toros and exmarks though they look simular the upgrade to the Exmark meant not dodging of ducking a thrown blade. Sad that toro/exmark work harder to make an inferior product to secure a profit. Like mazda b3000 and ford rangers, same relibility in the day but one had a less warantee and was lot cheeper (but same). This 34 seems unique, very promising and affordable. Just being cautious before pulling the trigger.