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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RyanA97, Jul 8, 2013.

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    I had a customer hire someone else to do all their flowerbed renovation, remove a few shrubs and stuff. I showed up to cut the lawn and there they were, working and had the truck and other equipment all over the lawn. I dropped them that day. Another one. Lady "thinks" that if she makes the flowerbed larger it will be easier to cut the lawn. WRONG, she made it bigger on a hill. The hill get progressively steeper as you go. Now I have to use a string trimmer to do a potion of the lawn. When she did this she said she thought it would make it easier to cut the lawn. I told the opposite and said I have to raise the weekly price! She didn't like the idea but hey, she's the one that made the matter more difficult. I still have her and make a solid dollar a minute.

    As for the OP. Yeah you screwed up. Just make sure you close the gate when you're done. It's really that simple. If it was closed when you got there, it should be closed when you leave.
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    It's our responsibility to close gates we open. A dog getting out is a good way to lose a customer. It's even more important to close the gate to a pool yard behind you - that can be a matter of life or death for someone's kid.

    We had a customer call up furious one day because the dogs got out - my guys definitely closed the gate when they left but the customer's kids use a little side gate to get in and out of the yard - there was noting to do but apologize and make sure it never happens again so now they check our gate and the kids' gate before leaving.
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    Most of the land upstate is now posted. Though years a go when you were in a rural area where the land was not posted and followed a dirt road and there was a gate, you were expected to leave the gate the way you found it. No ifs ands or buts.

    Same with any gate today.

    The customer did not forget to close the gate. The customer expects the gates to be left the way they were found.

    Not an annoying customer.
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    The gate should be closed. If you open it to get in you shut it when you leave thats the way it works. I'm about to pick up a nice 3 acre yard because the company that does it now forgets or won't close the gate.
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    Now THAT is funny.

  6. CashinH&P

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    I agree, you open the gate, you need to shut it.
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    Home owner was negligent, they are responsible for checking the integrity of the property barrier. Yes he should of shut the gate, but they need to check before they let the pet out. I don't do fenced yards, to much of a hassle. Stopped that about 7 years ago and has not hurt me one bit, fence trimming the new plastic fence just take to much time trying not to damage it. Hope it made them feel better throwing all the blame at you.
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    Gates and fences are the things I discuss with all customers on the walk around. Those notes are put on my account sheet as to who is responsible. I have one account with the silly turned in fence because the dog diggs its way out. The customer agreed to use RU on the fence line and provide a leash to secure the dog on the porch if it is out. I charge a premium on this account, but I think I got it because I covered the details on the initial walk around about safety and responsibility. Doggie treets are your friend.
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    If you know there are dogs that need to stay w/in the fenced-in backyard, then make dang sure you close the gate when leaving...STORM OR NOT. SHEESH. You would HAVE to cope with any tragedies.
    They are not annoying...YOU are the annoyance. :nono: Swallow your pride and realize who contributed to this fiasco.
  10. StanWilhite

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    I'll mention something that a lot of people aren't aware of (and maybe some people have forgotten) when it comes to pets and pet owners. In a lot of cases, a pet (of any kind) is like a child to their owners...especially owners who have no children, or have children that are grown and out of the house.

    I can tell you from personal experience. Before my wife and I had our 2 sons, we had a doberman that I trained about an hr every day for over a year. She knew 23 commands and was, at that point in time, almost as much a family member to us as my wife and I were to each other. It almost killed me when she died at 15 yrs old.

    So, I always keep that in mind when I'm around other people's pets. As silly as this may sound to some people who have never had a strong connection to an animal, to view (and/or treat) some people's pets as "animals" is actually offensive to some.

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