Annual Bluegrass control


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Any advise on timing a fall application of pre-emergant to reduce the amount of annual bluegrass the next season. I remember reading an article that stated a certain pre-emergant worked better than the other. I cant find that article. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am located in central ohio.



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I usually aim for Sept 15 here for Poa control, and rarely have any of it anymore. At the latest, I look at the weather and try to pick out the night in the next couple weeks where the temps really start coming down into the 60s here in AL. They typically stay about 70-75 at night for most of summer.

I use several different preemergents through the year, Dimension works at max-rate, Prodiamine/Barricade, Specticle at max rate, those are the ones I tend to go with.


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Fescue, I’d wait 3 months after overseeding before applying pre emergent. Although, I have done it as soon as 2 months after seeding with 2 fertilizers already applied, and adequate irrigation.
Dimension has a short half life. Barricade is the way to go unless you have some young crabgrass breakthrough in the spring.
You can buy generic tenacity (mesitrione) in 1 gallon and 2.5 gallons. Tenacity is safe on newly germinated fescue. It’ll kill poa annua....but it turns all the weeds into white ghosts until it gets mowed off a couple of times