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  1. DALMlawn&landscaping

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    dont go to school, school is for fools!

    don't be a fool, stay in school!

    read Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. justanotherlawnguy

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    I believe it depends on your area. If the business is there, and you can make a living doing lawns, go for it. People think I am an idiot for having a Landscaping/Lawn Business. But if you do it right and have a plan it can be extremely lucrative, even in Florida.

    I say skip college. I can say that because I went and got a degree. No not just a Bulls#it degree either. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a major in Information Systems Management. It sure looks beautiful framed hanging on my wall. What a waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I took the the time and cash that I invested going to school. and put that into my business, I would be swimming in cash right now.

    Unless you are going to school to be a doctor or lawyer, dont waste your time. Maybe at most take a couple of business classes. I get more answers right on Jeopardy because of my degree, thats about it. I would rather have the Benjamins and the security of knowing that my job is not about to get downsized or outsourced........................just my $0.02
  3. Richard Martin

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    Stay in school. I wish you could come to my area. I would take you for a ride in a boat down the South River and show you hundreds and hundreds of million dollar waterfront homes that advanced schooling bought.
  4. Roger

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    Go to school!!! If a four-year program is out of the question because of costs, then at least get to a trade school. Some quick money now will not carry you for the long term. You have 40 years of working career ahead, and most of those years will have to be fruitful to support yourself (family?) and the likelihood of doing it well will come because of an education.
  5. northmichigan

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    why not do both! take some classes that support your business and interests even if they are in the evening.maybe just one accounting class to help with all that money you are going to make.Remember this:school is the best way to meet single ladies...........................
    study hard.
  6. K&L Landscaping

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    You just said everything that was on my mind. I went to the Univ. of Texas for 4.5 year's and graduated with a BS in Bio-Medical Science. That's the hardest crap I have ever done in my life. Now look at me, I landscape and cut grass. You ask about income, well let's say that we are comfortable. Not rich but we are in the middle class for sure. The point being, college was a 4.5 year waste of my time. Look at how many people who went to college are not even in their respective career field any longer.
  7. MMLawn

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    Stay in School! You can always cut grass later.

    Also if you go against the advice that everyone is giving you and do the LCO thing instead then take this advice. FIRE that just hired employee because at only 38 lawns you are along way from needing any employees yet! Unless they are each multi-acre estates, which I doubt, and assuming you have the proper commercial equipment, then 38 lawns at your age should only be a "part-time" gig anyway so to speak still as you should be able to knock those out in 2 days, no more than 3 as a solo. If you can't then I can already tell you you aren't going to last in the business anyway, so another reason to Stay In School.
  8. Littleriver1

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    My biggest mistake was not staying in school. I've been paying the price for it all my life. The amount of money you will make during those years you should be in school can be made up in a few months in the green industry. Don't let the love of money make your dicisions in life. Money is easy to come by.
  9. Charles

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    I go along with staying in school too and/or doing both at the same time if possible. You may change your career choice many times in the future. Education will help you ease into something else if you desire to do so
  10. Southwest Lawns

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    Stay in school....

    For me its very nice to have a a six figure household income outside of lawn care (it takes some of the pressure off) and do high quality lawn care part time.

    With that being said, if I were you, I would
    1. go to a junior college (part time) cheaper and at least here the institution really doesn't matter
    2. take at least two classes a semester (two classes is not that much and gives you more time for studying and working)
    3. keep your GPA high 3.5 or better
    4. run my lco part time
    5. Find a good graduate program (B.A.'s are like LCOs now-a-days nearly everyone has them).
    6. Build your LCO try not to spend a lot on equipment while you are a student.
    7. and above all Keep learning
    8. Once you graduate and you need tax shelters (grow your business i.e purchase equipment, building, hire employees ect).

    BTW, I'm working on steps 7 and 8.

    It takes a while doing it this way and I'm a new lco but I'm also not stressed about seeing a lot of trucks with mowers as I drive through town. Face it, there is a lot of competition in this industry and a lot of people are doing really good jobs at next to nothing; some because they have to (i.e. its their only source of income and low ballers are eating up the market share) and some because they want to. Since you are young, you have to decide if you want to be a HAVE to make money in a highly competitive industry or WANT to make additional income and have tax shelters using a saturated industry.

    BA Chemistry 2000
    Masters Public Administration 2002
    Soon to be student in Landscape Architecture

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