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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bobby5, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Im wanting to refresh my landscaping around my house and have a few questions. My old mulch is havin grass starting to poke through everywhere what can i put down to kill the grass coming up before i put down new mulch? Do you guys use fertilizer when you remulch? If so what kind? The only outdoor store around me is Lowes, can i pick up all the supplies i need to refurbish my landscaping there?

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    Apply Glyophosphate (Trade name is Roundup) to the visible grass/weeds in the bed. If you feel frisky, add Preen before mulching to help prevent weed germination over the summer. DO NOT use fertilizer when mulching. All you will do is fertilize the weeds and encourage weed growth. I recommend staying away from the box stores (Lowes, Home Depot) because their products are generally cheap quality with an expensive price. Example- Roundup at Lowes is about 9% gly and the rest water. Commercial Roundup is roughly 40%gly for the same price (if not cheaper) at a landscape supply store.
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    Well said, we use Glyophosphate on all of our commercial propertys. Chemicals, mowers, and various equipment should all be purchased at lanscape supply/ dealers. Go to Lowe's for mixed gas and weedeater line, bags, etc. Just spray the hell out of it with roundup once a month. I was short changed this week and had to get the generic roundup from Home Depot. Not to happy about it but it'll work.

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