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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by greenchoppers, Nov 2, 2010.

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    I have a few questions for those of you who offer annual maintenance contracts to your customers:

    1.) Do you include mulch? If so, how much do you estimate to replace every year (20%, 30%, 40%....)?

    2.) Do you normally replace the top dressing of the mulch every year to maintain color?

    We are working on renovating our contracts for next year and wanted to offer additional services.

    Thanks for your input.:cool2:
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    I know down south it is a different ball game becasue you have year round seasons.

    for me I discuss with the pm or ho when developing the contract if mulch will be included in the contract, then I proceed from there.

    Usually I just do a straight across 2 inch install, that is enough to last the season as well as enough to keep the beds full over winter to provide some protection. So if I have 1k of beds then every year I include 6 yards of mulch.

    Now what I do is 2 times through out the year, I will freshen the mulch up by just turning it over with my mulch pro attachment. This makes it look new and fresh again. I guess what you could do down south is if you wanted split the total mulch up over the season to keep some work going on during the slower months. Spring application of mulch and then a fall application of mulch. Just do 1" apps. I have thought about doing that in the fall, but were just too busy with fall clean ups that its hard. If I had dry winters like you do (as far as snow) I would probably do that, however; i would try to sell more 3" jobs and split them 1.5 each.

    If you do that though, just be sure to explain that in your contract that the mulch applications are split otherwise that may be a nightmare for you, and explain that it will help to bring more color to the property as well as aid the plants during the colder months of the year by protecting their root systems.
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    Every job is different, just ask for the specs for the job.
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    that too. I usually ask what they want done, then explain my program and they usually go aboard with it, some are hesitant, but when they see the way it looks (use of pictures on previous jobs) they come right aboard.

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