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Annual Rye Grass Removal


LawnSite Member
Midland, TX
I have a Bermuda lawn with extensive rye grass. It was overseeded last winter and did not burn up last summer, despite temps over 100 degrees most of the summer.
I’d like to remove the rye permanently this spring. I am considering 4 methods:

1. Round up rye while Bermuda is dormant (now)
2. Spray Rye now with selective rye killer now before Bermuda comes out I’ve been told to look into revolver, certainty, msm turf. Any experience with these products?
3. Spray rye after Bermuda comes out. I’ve been told to look at Corsair.

Any help would be greatly appreciateD. Thanks.



LawnSite Senior Member
So long as the bermuda is 100% dormant, which it should be given the cold snap, you can attack with gly right now.

Once it warms up and the bermuda is awake, then I would personally go with Revolver if its an extensive amount of rye. If it was a smaller amount, I'd probably just go with MSM. These methods will take about 3 weeks to slowly kill out the rye, but warmer weather speeds them up.

Generally I use Revolver to transition a winter/spring ryegrass ball field into summer bermuda.