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Annual snowfall...

SlimJim Z71

LawnSite Senior Member
I remember a while back, someone posted a link to a site where it listed the annual snowfall amounts for cities all over the USA. Can someone please find that link for me? I got offered a new job, where there are several spots I can move to, and I want to keep plowing. I want to see what the yearly amount of snow each of these places get to give me a better idea of what I can do...



LawnSite Member
Central Illinois
This is off the subject for your answer Tim, but where are you moving to??? You're in northern Illinois by Chicago now right? Gonna keep doin' the same thing??

SlimJim Z71

LawnSite Senior Member
Well... yes, I'm north of Chicago right now. My dad works for Mercedes Credit Corp., and they handle all of the Freightliner and American LaFrance (Firetrucks) accounts. He was talking to his boss, and he said I could do a couple of different things. I could either work at one of the facilities building the trucks, or I could run a mobile service unit and just go from firestation to firestation working on the trucks. They even have a position open in California right now that I could have installing Mars lights and sirens on firetrucks & ambulances. Either one would be cool, but I think I'm leaning a little more towards building the trucks. They have places all over the country that I could work at, but the plant up by Green Bay Wisconsin sounds most appealing. Plus I would still be somewhat close to friends and family. The other thing I wanted to keep in mind is snow removal. I know they get a decent amount of snow in Wisconsin (probably not much in CA though), but I wanted to see what the annual snowfall there is, as well as a few other places I could move to.

I like plowing a lot, and after sinking all that money into my truck, I'm not anywhere near ready to give it all up.

We'll see what happens...


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LawnSite Member
hey tim, the American Lafrance factory is only 7 miles
from where i live.shawano wi. the snow situation has been sparce around here for the past 5yrs. this year i was out 16 times by dec. 31st. plowing is very competitive around here. good luck on the new job.