Annual Top Dressing?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Boltzie, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Boltzie

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    I have a lawn care book that talks about placing an annual top dressing of pete/loam/sand blend. It states that most lawn care professionals place top dressing and it is recommended for a homeowner.

    Does anyone place a top dressing every year? I haven't seen it done in my development where most yards are taken care of by professionals. Is this soil dumped out of a truck on the lawn and spread thin?

  2. Lombardi

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    I have never heard of that in my area. It sounds like another gimmick to increase revenue.
  3. A good topdressing with organic matter is very benefical to lawn.
    Helps build the soil and smooth out lawn. Labor intense. How about applying a quality natural organic fertilizer!

    check out espoma
  4. I went to the CENTS show in Columbus a couple of years ago.
    A LOT of the booths there had some kind of topdressing they offered.
    So I bought a little Earth-N-Turf 1/2 cu yd topdresser.

    I applied it to two lawns, about 5 acres total.

    Gaw-w-wd!! What an improvement. (I have pictures)
    And these lawns already had first class weed & feed program in place!

    It's something Golf courses and pro turf fields have always done.
    It's just now coming into the commercial lawn market.
    I have GOT to get a bigger topdresser.

    I don't see why you couldn't apply topdressing with a pull behind spreader if you cut the topdressing with enough sand to make it flow.

    Check out this website on topdressing:

  5. Green Pastures

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    I used an organic topdressing on several lawns last fall and have been extremely impressed with the results.

    It was a humus blend. Actual ingredients are treated human waste and yard clippings and leaves all ground up and left in piles to "ferment"! :D

    It was some strong smelling stuff till the first rain, BUT it did NOT smell like human waste. It smelled like really fertile dirt, had a very earthy organic smell.

    I had 1" put down on all grassy areas. The lawns I did this on last fall are BY FAR the best looking lawns I service so far this year.

    Even the neighbors are commenting how much better the lawns look than theirs and have already scheduled more jobs for next fall. The flowering trees on the properties (in the lawn) had way more blooms on them than the exact same trees on the un-treated lawns in the same neighborhood.

    Very pleased with the results.
  6. jason r.

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    How did you apply the topdressing?
  7. Green Pastures

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    Jason, check your PM box.
  8. jason r.

    jason r. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Scott, thanks for the PM. It really looks like you got you stuff together. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    David Haggerty, how do you like your Earth n Turf. I was checking out their website and they look very interesting. I'm looking for something to spread a thin layer of river sand on props. Do you think a tow behind spreader could accomplish this?
  9. jason r

    I'm really pleased with the spreader. I think it'll spread coarse river sand. That's one of the chores I bought it for. I'm sure it'll work OK, but I havn't tried it for that yet.

    It's really well built. It even has high speed tires and bearings so you can trailer it to the site. The Earth-N-Turf spreader definitely deserve a look if you're considering a top dresser.

  10. SystemXpert

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    Annual Todressing ?

    It depends on how big your yard is and how much you want to work. Mine is only 8,000 sqft, so it only takes about 4-6 hours to topdress by hand.

    I experimenting with using a combination of those pelletized compost pellets mixed with dry sand that can be done from a spreader.

    Waiting until this fall with I aerate again.

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