Annual Topdressing Contract?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by adam.neusbaum, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Just a few days after scheduling a topdressing service date :confused:I received a call-back suggesting he's just signed an annual contract with a Spray Tech & our topdressing services won't be necessary since this company is in fact going to treat the entire property. I suggested he keep our contact info handy in case he doesn't get the results he's looking for.
    This really got me thinking. From their point of view I can see how difficult it could be to shell out $275 for a service that I've never heard of before & not real sure how it's all gonna work and with what results & then it's just a one-time-deal at that.
    So here's my question- How do you go about contracting Topdressing when I'm not set-up to provide the whole deal like pest control/termite coverage etc.
    My hearts desire would be to just treat the lawns as necessary as all the Spray co's do. Show up every 30-60 days & fill in any trouble/hot-spots and go. I could really have some amazing looking lawns out there with that kind of service but I'd really have to shave off some set-up/clean-up time from the clock.
    Secondarily, now how should I charge when my average service is $275-$330 & that's about an hour & sometimes 1.5 hours if we have to put it on extra thick & then take the time to knock down any high-points to prevent smothering. (that's just how bad some of these St. Augustine lawns are, & most calls come 'cause the lawns aren't looking so great). I'd rather keep them healthy continually.
    As it is I'm wanting to re-visit the neighbors yard if I notice that an area isn't filling in very well after a spreading service performed 3-4 weeks prior but how could I afford to do that?

    Maybe I should just start with one contract customer, maybe a friend type customer in a great neighborhood. This way I'm in the area often & could draw more interest from others.

    Send me your thoughts please...
  2. adam.neusbaum

    adam.neusbaum LawnSite Senior Member
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    Two weeks later & im responding to my own question since nobody else wants to. Maybe everyone else here is a spray tech & doesn't want to share their piece of the pie?
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    I don't know of spray companies in this area that offer topdressing. Even the majority of landscapers are clueless as to how to market this. I am not a sprayer but do a few TD every year. Not enough to buy a machine though. Its a tough sell since its not instant results.
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    your initial question is a little long but, I do many top dressings but I also spray the top dressing is actually very easy to sell. In fact I try to stay away from it as much as possible because it is a lot of work. I spray, mow, mulch and do top dressings. If you set up a complete service like I have people are much more inclined to use you for everything. To "sell" a top dressing you need to let them know that it is one of if not the best thing they can do for their yard, you can fill in uneven spots it helps the lawn during drought conditions because you are making the root system longer. A customer cannot get all the results of a top dressing just from spraying, an educated customer is a good customer tell them all the benefits and you are good. I hope I answered your question.

    Neal Kezar
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    Topdressing can be sold as soil improvement if it indeed improves the soil, i.e. structure... if not, it is snake oil and most h.o. do not understand soil structure and expect snake oil...
    The question is one of trust, but also one of knowledge...
  6. adam.neusbaum

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    Selling the service is easy & natural. You know the h.o. is convinced when he's explaining the features & benefits to the neighbors with greater enthusiasm & detail than you had originally. I want to put all my clients on a bi-monthly schedule, now the question is how do I do it?
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