annual white grubworms already

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. ted putnam

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    They must have sold you a tube of KY jelly while you were there. $2/ need another supplier....
  2. gregory

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    man who sold you bifen at $2/k i can sell it to you and make money. i am just a home onwer and i just looked i pay around $6.00 to treat my arce yard for bifen..

    you want to buy some bifen? i will even ship it for free...
  3. klsgc

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    I had 3 different suppliers quote me roughly $20 per bag for 0-0-7+bif.
    Chinch calls for high rate which is 10k/bag.

    I had 3 different suppliers quote me roughly $38 per bag for dylox. 10k for grubs, 15k for sod webworms. Thats almost $4 per k. I don't know of a grub killer that covers 25k per bag.

    Its ridiculous but I haven't found a better option.
  4. Ric

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    How do I stay in Business???? Fair enough question and I am not going to tear you up because other already have you bleeding profusely.

    First and most important point is I would like to think I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING and Florida doesn't give Certification away in Crack Jack boxes. For FULL service not Some Service we get $ 15.00 a Thousand Sq Ft per treatment with a 5 K or $ 75.00 Minimum. That price is actually about Medium range and competitive. Because Water Front Property is so expensive, lots are just under a 1/4 acre with 3 to 5 K of Turf. Therefore it is very easy for a young guy to treat 15 lawns a day 5 days a week 4 weeks a Month for a total of 300 accounts that are serviced once a month. Now 300 accounts times $ 75.00 equals $ 22,500 income a month and our growing season is 12 months a year. or 270,000 a year total sales. BTW My full service is 6 lawn and 6 ornamental treatments a year including Fertilization Insect Fungus and Weed control. It also includes inside pest control but only if they have a problem. If I do a excellent job on the outside I have taken away 99% of the insect pressure. I have been in the Pest control business 10 years now and have very little Inside problem if any. This plan works great for me and the Customer.

    Now let us talk cost. yearly Grub Control is $ 18.00 an acre as I keep saying but on a 5 K or under lawn the Cost is $ 2.00 one time for a $ 75.00 treatment Chinch Bugs Ants and surface insects in general I use Bifen XTS at a cost of $ 4.80 an acre or just over $ 0.50 a lawn. Fertilizer I spend a whole $ 2.00 a thousand mostly on Minors so my lawns are the darkest green in town. (BTW you once comment on how green my personal lawn is that I spray round on so I don't have to mow. So think what my customers lawns that actually get fertilizer look like. Fungus one a year prevention is expensive at $ 1.25 per thousand or about $ 6.25 a yard. Weed Control is really starting to get Cheap now the Tenacity is on the Market. $ 25 and Acre or about $ 2.75 a yard.

    You talked about driving 40 mile to treat a yard. If I leave my house and drive past every account and back home. I won't drive 40 miles total. My 20 year old Diesel Cab Over only has 164,000 miles.

    Licensing $ 310 a year Certification renewal $ 200 a Year. Business Liability Insurance $ 800 a year. Full coverage Truck insurance for two trucks, Cab over and 3/4 ton pick up $ 110 a month or 1320 a year. Cell phone unlimited $ 90.00 a month.

    Advertising Expense ZERO

    HOW DO I MAKE ANY MONEY?? HOW CAN I NOT MAKE MONEY. A one man band doing 300 account can make well over 150,00 a year. I am willing to bet with 3,000 accounts you don't make that kind of Money. BTW I am semi retire and only do 5 yard a day not 15 like the young bucks. Heck I am Lawnsite most of the day. But still working 3 to 4 hours a day I make over $ 50 K a year.


    I mean no disrespect, but if you had professional training you would Know Granular Pesticides are many times the cost of Liquid. Bifen XTS I buy for $ 24.00 a quart and it covers 5 Acres at High Rate and 10 Acres at Low Rate. BTW That the Reason for skid sprayers.

  5. gregory

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    better off using liquid bifen. cheaper and you get a better kill....
  6. ted putnam

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    I was trained to apply liquid to all surface insect problems. Likewise, all subsurface insects were treated with a dry product. You wouldn't try to control a broadleaf weed infestation with a granular weed control, would you?? The same principle applies for any professional.
    As far as a PRE for grubs. I can see where that could potentially be an expensive app because of using a dry product, depending on the product you decide to go with. I would consider this a special/optional app and it would be marketed as such when "signing up" the customer. If the problem were widespread enough though, I would make it a part of my regular program and all full program customers would get it and it would be figured in to the yearly total, again, at a fair price. Otherwise, it is a spot treatment when I see it FREE or anywhere from a free service call to an adjustable price(depending on the scope of the problem) if the customer notices it between my regular visits. I handle things this way and IMO it offers the customer great service and good value.
  7. Ric

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    Re Reading this morning let me clear up my Pricing structure. Remember I am selling a Result not treatments What I offer is a Monthly Price based on Property size that includes L & O plus inside pest control. The Minimum Price is $ 75.00 or $ 15.00 a thousand of turf. But what the customer gets is total YARD CARE WITH NO EXTRA CHARGES. Many Customers have me on Auto Pay because I charge a monthly fee instead of a Per Treatment Charger. BTW Tree & Ornamental product costs are way below turf so it is a great margin.

    Sure I get under cut by the $ 42.50 guys that do SOME CARE ONLY and then try and up sell ever month. I just don't believe in Bait and switch.

    My normal sales Pitch is, "Yes I do the same thing as I do to your friends house."

    BTW While L&O is the major part of my Business I do other pest control work also. It nice to do different jobs and in some cases I don't make half the money of L&O but still enjoy doing the job because it is different. But in most cases these different or odd jobs pay very well because no one is interested in breaking their routine.

  8. Ric

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    Let me add carrier facts to your information. What I mean by carrier is the amount of water you apply per thousand. Of course for Foliar application (like Herbicide) we all know a Lower Volume of water and higher Percent of AI works best.

    But the POINT I want to make is a High volume of water works better on Surface insects. Case in point might be a Flea infestation in a yard. I use 10 gallons Per Thousand. A 100 gallon tank I would only use 10 oz of Talstar so I only applied one Oz per thousand.

    Fire Ants and Chinch bugs I only use 5 Gallons per K Which is 20 Oz of talstar in a 100 tank.

  9. kirkschopped67

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    I am not in the business, just a home owner. Will you explain to me the correct product and the time of the month to control grubs in my lawn. I live in California, and would like to know your opinion of the life cycle, and how to control them the correct way. What and when should I put down to kill those grubs, moths, beetles, ECT.

  10. americanlawn

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    Every market is different. Size/structure of business or number of accounts is not important. It's profit that counts.....otherwise one cannot stay in business. But then I get also get taxed to death ...... now about 48% of Americans rely on some sort of welfare (MY MONEY), and I'm truly sick of folks taking money from MY family. That just ain't right. In my State, one minority alone accounts for over 25% of welfare payments - even though they only account for about 2% of my State's population. That ain't right!

    Regarding liquid/surface apps for grubs... We used to apply Triumph 4E liquid. That stuff was awesome, but it was pulled off the market in the late 90's. Oftanol worked okay, but certain grubworms became immune to it. Weird. Been mainly using Merit since then as a preventative. Dylox for quick kill. Tried "Aloft" last year cuz it supposedly had quick kill + prevent.....ain't using it any more cuz the results sucked IMO

    Being semi retired & pulling in that kind of dough is AWESOME! Too bad uncle sam is using OPM's (other peoples' money) to give it to deadbeats in this formally proud Country. my 2 cents

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