annuals----wholesale in northeast ohio?

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    looking for a better place than local nurseries
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    if you have a nursery license, there are a bevy of good nurseries in lake county. but, if you don't have a nursery license, they won't sell to you. these paces dont sell much in the way of annuals though. mostly shrubs, rhodos, arbs hemlocks, yew, ornamental tres etc.

    you could try hehn's greenhouses on wright road in copley. they sell wholesale.

    hehn's greenhouses
    1993 wright road

    also on wright road

    tropical illusions
    1959 wright road

    if you are interested in perennials, i know of this lady who has a small nursery on copley road, just west of hametown road, on the left hand side of copley road. she gets there around 6-7 am, and usually stays till around 3 pm

    she gives great prices on different kinds of perennials, but i dont know her number her name is veronica funk.

    i know that you arent exactly close to copley, but if you can get over to this part of town, the prices are much cheaper from her than any everyday nursery.

    we get most of our evergreens and smaller shrubs in atwater, and most of our ornamentals at dayton nursery on cleveland massion road.(dayton nursery, and not dayton flower and garden center)

    another decent sized nrusery i know of nearby is the fleming schubert nursery

    fleming schuberts
    6919 manchester road

    then, finally, there is harp's nursery located in hartville. i dont have an address or phone number for them, just now how to get there.

    there is one other perennial wholesaler i can think of, but ive never been there.

    its called pam's perennials
    on berry road in norton.

    i hope this is of some help,
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    Since you requested annuals - I think of two places you might check out.

    Rosby Brothers, Inc.
    50 E. Schaaf Road (Located off 480 east of 77)
    Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 44131

    I have bought summer annuals, fall mums and poinsettas in quantity from these guys. I have pretty satisfied with their products. (Flats have been about $7 a piece, mums $2.75 ish and cabbage about $1.50 ish).

    A friend recently told me that Casa Verde Greenhouse was a great place to get annuals. I have not found them in any association books, or found their address/number yet. Perhaps you've heard of them.

    For perennials I typically travel to North Coast Perennials in Madison. Nurseries throughout Lake County for all the other stuff.

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    thanks for the great tips fellas......pretty much looking for flowers and such for seasonal color and you have helped me out a bunch

    for regular nursery stock(tree,s,bushes,etc) there is a place in richfield called the Tree Farm that has a pretty good selection

    copley is not at all too far, neither is any where in cleveland if i can get a 7$ flat !!!!!!!1

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