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    While looking over another thread this came to mind ...

    Annual planting is very stressful for me because of the small window of time. On top of that it is a very busy time of year to begin with.
    I can't see hiring extra people just for the task.(0ne month) Maybe we should?

    What do you do, besides what we end up doing .....working extra, extra long days and turning away work.

    I find there is some good money in this and am looking for ways to improve.
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    We go through this also. One way I dealt with this while with a small company was to hire moms who liked to do freelance work for some extra spending money. I would promote the fresh-air benefits as well as the money. The other thing is to figure on devoting a crew or two for a few weeks to annual planting. We try to spread out the planting for several weeks and to not promise install deadlines in the contracts.
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    Thanks for the reply Lanelle,

    Taking one of the landscape crews off their construction jobs is out of the question.

    This task is up to the maintenace division and it is rather small at this time( 2 crews ). We are planning on adding another crew to maintenance to just do small installls ...3k or less ... it may be a possibility to use them. We also spread out planting over 3 weeks.
    I like the idea of some temp help also. Time will tell .
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    this is where I really would like to the see the idea of a 'contractor' co-op go into effect.

    Networking with other contractors could have so many benefits, and this is one of them.

    Though you may be busy installing annuals, I'm sure others aren't. Isn't it possible to work alongside other companies in the area and possibly sub some of the work out.

    I think one of the biggest problems in this business is we get greedy, and take the 'all or nothing' approach. We get a job, and would rather lose it than try to make a simple phone call to another contractor to help out.

    Though you lose a good deal of profit by subbing it out, you still make money and its basically for doing nothing.

    If I were in your area, I would glady schedule you in during those busy weeks into my schedule. Nothing like 2-3 weeks of solid work to make my day!

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    as a full service comp. we have a dedicated 3 man crew for flowers. we also rotate a second crew of our other maintenance crews over the month period, having them install flowers at smaller job sites, or on a lighter scheduled day to ensure all the flowers get in. we have also been restricted with truck and tiller usage. We always seem to be renting tillers to get an extra crew operating, in addition to possibly renting a truck. With mowing at its height, mulching at the tail end and flowers with a deadline, there are no trucks to spare, and none to borrow.

    We put in over 3000 flats of flowers in the spring and while the idea of temp. moms or retired people installing flowers is nice, its not a reality...Unfortunately you need laborers that can really produce results and not a part time gardener who wants to see some nice flower displays.
  6. kris

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    Could you explain this please... are you saying that they keep busy with flowers for the entire season?
    Most of our installs are either a one time courses..they are then maintained by their staff ..or they are at regualr maintenance contracts where we will deadhead etc but only on a weekly basis ....they are responsible for watering.

    I haven't been able to sell them on a complete program where we may have to be there daily in some cases to water. I don't think I would want that regardless.

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