Another 36" Metro setup question

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mclutts, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. mclutts

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    This seems to be a popular topic but I need to ask. I have a 36" fixed deck metro that is cutting very uneven. We are cutting some very upscale bermuda lawns and I am wondering if I should have purchased the TT. My local dealer is implying that I should buy a TT now instead of offering suggestions on proper setup of the Metro he sold me. We are new to the lawn care world and have made little adjustment to the blades, axle, etc. Anyway, what would my optimal setting be for the axle, blades, etc. for pretty low cut bermuda. Some of our yards have a lot of hills also. FYI our metro is about 4 months old (if that matters.)
  2. mclutts

    mclutts LawnSite Member
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    Would there be a noticable difference in the quality of the cut between the Metro and the TT? Anyone?
  3. mclutts

    mclutts LawnSite Member
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    Chatty group aren't you
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    check the tire pressure
  5. Laidback03

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    i have a 36 metro belt. ive had to have my axle put up to F i believe to cut st aug. If you keep it at C or D you will be fine, to cut really short, if thats what your looking for. also i am running gator blades which are amazing. your local dealer should help resolve your issues, or you can email exmark!

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