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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by CutRight, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. CutRight

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    i know theres been some posts on this, but nobody really gave any prices. I don't do much of this stuff besides on my own lawn, i mainly just mow and do new construction but....

    customer of mine wants a price for dethatching, aerating, start fertilizer, and overseeding.

    he wanted me to dethatch the lawn by hand back in the fall when i did his leaf clean up, but didnt understand that I wanted to charge more money to rake his whole yard by hand rather than just cleaning it up with my leaf sucker thing. (boy do i hate doing leaves) so anyways i told him it would be better to just clean up the whole yard in the spring and do everything at once ( yes i know the fall is the best time to plant seed, but besides that)

    so its about a 10,000 sq ft lot if my memory serves me correct

    and if i think about all the time and whatnot it would take to do the lot i was figuring around .16cents a square foot, materials included. so $1600, now that seems a lot to me, and I know hes not going to like it, but i've never done this for a client before. For new construction houses I put down seed, start fert, and straw all the time for .10 a sq. foot (could probably go higher). so .16 cents sq.ft. seems to make sense for the extra work of dethatching and aerating.

    materials (seed, fert, straw) $300 give or take i dont know the prices exactly yet this year.
    fuel, tractor time $200
    total $500

    $1600 - 500 = $1100 profit
    does this make sense to anyone? just wanted to see what other guys are getting for doing this type of service.
  2. chriscraft

    chriscraft LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ball park in my area for 10,000 is around 150 dethatch, 75 aerate. seed 75, fert 30, so around $ 330 give or take plus haulaway time involved 3 man hours
  3. CAG

    CAG LawnSite Senior Member
    from ct
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    its depends how bad is the thatch.. if someone wanted me to hand rake a whole yard i would not worry about being priced high..
  4. LawnSite Member
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    about 500 to aerate/ seed /Fert
    170.00 to dethatch
    No straw
    what I would charge in my area. good profit with my equipment
  5. chriscraft

    chriscraft LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wow you can get.50 cents per sq foot for jsur aearate and overseed? im moving to penn
  6. eruuska

    eruuska LawnSite Senior Member
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    For 10,000 sf, $120 to aerate, $200 to slit seed, $40 to fert. I wouldn't dethatch by hand, not in a million years. That's why God invented machines.
  7. chriscraft

    chriscraft LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 390

    Do you own a slitseeder, dethatcher, and aerator also or do you have to rent them?
  8. eruuska

    eruuska LawnSite Senior Member
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    I rent them, but I try to schedule several jobs at the same time to maximize the return on the rental dollar. I'll probably pick up a decent aerator in the next 12 months, maybe a seeder as well.
  9. chriscraft

    chriscraft LawnSite Senior Member
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    Now i understand the pricing a bit more, Our market cant bear that price for the aerating or the seeding. W have guys aerating around here for $30 for 5,000. thank god they jsuthave lil ryans or rent them. We start out at $45.00 base for aerating, but we have 42" tow behinds and 4 litlle 19 and 26" ryans.If you do a lot of them i would look into it, We can do 25-35 a day easily with 2 guys a tow behind and a 26 ryan, It beats cutting grass for sure

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