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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GREENITUP, Aug 1, 2011.


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    Have owned and ran a Plugr PL800 for six years now and am looking to buy a new aerator that will be a little easier on the body when it comes to very dry or very wet soils. If you have ran a PL800 - you know what I am talking about. I do like the Plugr equipment (except for the the cost of tines) and the tight hole pattern.... but at $4900 for a new PL855, I want to consider other options. Has anyone ran both a PL855 (or 850) and a Turfco XT5 ? or Pl855 and any other commercial walk behind and have an honest opinion? The Lawn solutions ride on looks great - except for the cost and maybe the size to do smaller yards. Please don't throw out the names Ryan or BlueBird - those machines already reduced my lifespan a few years! Thanks for any input.
  2. EquityGreen

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    Turfco is a quality built machine, I've got a turnaer6 had it for 4 years with minimal problems, the XT5 looks like a machine I plan on adding.

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  3. Young Bros

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    We have the small PL410. I am hoping that the lawn solutions sale to toro does not affect their ride on. I want to get one within the next year for the bigger lawns & dry lawns.
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    I have two PL 850HD....for a reason. I may be selling my Lawn Solutions 2010 21" WB and I need the redundancy since Plugrs do pound themselves and you never know when something will break.

    When I have showed up with the Lawn Solutions unit ...whereas before I showed up with the Plugr 850 I get comments like "hey didn't your other unit pull more plugs....?..." I've done the math and my Plugr 850 pull 75% more plugs than my LS WB 21. So then what would happen is I'd often do a double pass with the LS to make myself feel better on other lawns since the pattern is sparse compared to the plugr.

    My Lawn Solutions unit is my standard service. Plugr 850 is premium service at a slightly greater cost.

    GREENITUP LawnSite Senior Member
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    Exact - thanks for the info.... i wanted to hear from guys that have used more than one type of machine. Not trying to take a shot.... but wouldn't you stand out above your competition if all of your aeration's were "premium"? Perhaps you are already there, but I was just curious about the difference in labor and time between the two on the same size lawn? There has to be a reason why you keep both machines (though your first comment is about selling the LS)? How much did you pay for your PL850's?
  6. MnLefty

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    The biggest problem I see in having a "premium" aeration service is, besides going out and seeing the amount of holes and plugs on the ground, there isn't a strong, immediate tangible difference to the customer. It's not going to have a strong visual difference the way a premium vs. cheap mowing or cleanup would. We can explain to them how or why more holes and bigger holes is better, but 95% of my customers aren't going to have a frame of reference to compare to, and will not go count plugs or holes. They're going to give a quick look at the lawn when they pull up the drive and see plugs and assume you've done your job.

    Because of that lack of visual difference, sans inspection of plugs and holes, most will have a hard time selling why their $120 aeration is better than a $75 aeration. Most of my customers will only see it as done or not done, not whether it's done better than the next guy or not.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    Plugr 850 #1 was right around $4300 or so.

    Plugr #2 was picked up last February for $2500 with less.than 10 hours complete and total steal deal. I gave.him.his asking.price.

    I basically agree in.large part about the.premium vs standard argument. Many don't get it and are not technically minded and an aeration is an.aeration.

    So then it is an issue of price when dealing with the competition. Before I had the LS unit I was claiming more plugs fwiw but that angle is also fuzzy for some.

    I find the plugr 850 to be faster and more productive than the LS in most situations. Effective path is wider and turns that are 90 degrees or so are faster wider on the plugr as well.

    Plugr will go just about anywhere but the LS is limited due mobility. David at LS has a new 21 model.out that has addressed these issues. The Turfco unit is also just front drive but the way I understand it not as top.heavaa the older LS unit.

    Frankly if I had to.choose between a plugr 400, 600 or 800 or my current LS unit I'd take the LS. Those non hydro plugrs are a cumbersome due to lack of hydro drive.
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    GREENITUP LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks. Anybody else running a Plugr 855 now with opinions?

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