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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 23, 2009.

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    Spent another 9 hour day on the AOS diesel today felt like I was at home in my lazyboy, The Ez-Ride plus the susension seat is just criminal. Burnt about 5 gallons of diesel fuel mowing 160 homes in complex .56gal/hr exactly I say about .66gals/hr. The engine is very smooth, and there is just no vibration in the machine, quite running all day long so no loose bolts or sore muscles. Currently the AOS diesel is at 67.5 hours I did break the main blade belt two weeks ago, but it was because of several new accounts that had hidden objects I nailed, ironically the belt went on some easy going bermuda not when it was being worked hard in the field grass. Bad Boy has truly engineered a machine that is easy to maintain the belt was replaced buy ME in the field with one SAE wrench in less than 15 minutes first time.

    Electric lift deck
    After 67.5 hours of use the electric deck is excellent works flawless, and way ahead of the industry's manual deck lift systems. Personally I have ran the manual foot assist & Pin on the Scags, and the BB electric lift deck is FAST, and does not wear me out on our large apartment complex's after 9 hours of mowing. I am able to keep a thumb on the deck height toggle switch while mowing, try that with a manual deck. I have found no instance were I was not able to stop first or were the electric deck was to slow for my mowing speed. This has turned out to be one of the best features, that others might question as a "bad design"

    Cut quality

    I was running the extended cut high-lift fusions, and the Cat diesel just has to much power, so their was too much blow-out. Worked great I was just dirty after about 20 minutes of cutting. So I switched to the old standard lift extended cut Fusions today, and their the perfect match with the diesel. The ADS deck with standard fusions, and their is no need for a mulch kit on the AOS diesel & 72" deck it just powders everything no matter the height now on maintained accounts up to about 4 ft of grass. All I have is the BB ACS chute, and no mulch kit. In the really tall field grass 5ft tall of higher I do mulch it some time's just for kick's, but to save fuel only, I do side discharge, and come back & mulch it if I need to makes it look pretty.
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    ate a belt in 67hrs? you can have it.
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    Pretty good on the fuel.

    snorting kool aid.jpg

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    Thanks for the update NSP, it sounds like a rock and roll

    That's excellent fuel consumption, nearly the same as
    my Grasshopper 722D @ .6 GPH, and what is it 35hp?
    That's amazing.

    Have you put a bypass filter on it yet? :)

  5. KCfireman

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    whats a susension seat?
  6. nosparkplugs

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    Once you have to replace a gearbox or drive shaft you might feel differently. I will take a belt anyday over repairing a gearbox or driveshaft; which on average costs more than the $82.00 main blade belt. Last year I had to replace a gearbox; because of a worn out universal joint that felt balanced, but was not cost me $375, and three days down time for that ZTR. No matter the hours of use when a shaft driven deck breaks it's BIG MONEY, and your down. I never carried an extra universal or gearbox.

  7. nosparkplugs

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    not bad for an ugly mower

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    So you officially retract all your previous statements about how the John Deere f680 is the biggest machine anyone should use in open areas, and no one can go even 10 mph while mowing. :drinkup:

    The gearbox is definitely a liability on a scag turf tiger, but I can say that we've never lost a belt on one before at least 800 hours. And no deck belts before 1000 I think. And yes, I've been guilty of using nice, new machines as bush hogs on occasion.
  9. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    it still strikes me funny that people who just come on to the site try and tell people do stop doing stuff. so back on topic do you have any pictures of the mower. you might have said this but how big of an engine on it
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    Yeah that happens. I nailed a digging tooth last year bending a blade in long grass after about 30 seconds of cutting DOH! But anyways the only time that the Toro goes threw a belt is about 500hrs or a employee gets a pine cone wedge between the belt and a pulley.

    As for shaft driven/gearbox machines. If you want power to the deck belts are not the way to go. I would take a Kubota ZD21 over the Toro, but the kubota cut like crap, didn't have a floating deck, was a strong machine and everything else was great on it but cutting like crap as a finished product ended it that and the dealer that put the wrong shaft in the gearbox (blades where spinning backwards)

    as to the comment of the f680: "Dude, Wait!!!.........What?"

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