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I’m back for some more advice just to make sure I am not missing anything. (Again I appreciate your all’s help in this new part of my business and I have done the work but never had to bid them at all so this part is completely new.)

some backstory that is probably not needed. She is going back and forth on what she wants done in her flower beds.
We are definitely pulling all the weeds and laying mulch. I got that and comfortable with my price. But regarding what’s in there she is t so sure. (Brand new homeowner and wants it to look better) at first she was wanting everything pulled but has no idea what she’s wants in their place.
I discussed trimming the shrubs and bushes up so that at least look cleaner. I have no idea on the spuce regarding pruning and really don’t want to do it due to no experience whatsoever on them. She-asked for pricing on the removal of all the shrubs and also trimming them up along with mulch install and weeding.
So here are the numbers.
total sq feet: 177
3 spruces
3 medium shrubs
5 total small shrubs

mulch I figured 350 ( a bit of a drive from the yard and includes all the weeding)

trimming : 125 ( I have to haul away)

Shrub removal: (I wasn’t sure at all and the real reason I’m here. I did the numbers and kinda shook my head so maybe I am WAY off)

for the 2 next to the bushes I figured 75x2

The tree in the 2nd picture has a big retaining wall so I am going to have to be extra careful not to mess that up so I figured 100

the big bushes 3 total I figure again 75x3 (225)

5 small shrubs: 45 apiece (225) again not to mess up the retaining wall

all that for a grand total of 700

that seems high like really high. considering I honestly only believe I would be there for no more than 3 hours pulling them and my initial thought for just removal was about 350 no reason just my gut. (Sawzall and engine hoist are amazing things so probably less but over estimate)

So am I crazy. Again I try to get my numbers then bounce them off the more experienced so I don’t miss anything.

Thanks again for reading and look forward to your thoughts and please feel free to tear it apart.


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Arborvites are pretty easy to remove with a shovel and pick axe. The boxwoods haven't been in the ground to long and should come out pretty easy as well. Leave the cherry picker at home. Make sure to leave some of the trunk to help wiggle them free. Don't forget you will need some dirt to fill in the hole.
I'd yank everything put some sort of small ornamental tree on the left foundation and fill the rest a mix flowering shrubs and something with maroon leaf color.

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