Another ASV failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by QwikDraw, Dec 6, 2009.

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    Ron...nobody is quesdtioning whether or not CAT is not going to use the 2.2L engine or not. As a matter of fact, I'll take what your "deep contact" at CAT says and tell you I think your correct and that the small 247/257 will probably be around 65hp.

    The issue was your blanket statement that the engines are "poop" and CAT discontinued "their deal with Perkins". I guess if you consider a switch to a 3.3L engine a discontinued deal you would be correct, but CAT owns Perkins and unless they sell them they aren't discontinuing any deal in that respect.

    The other questionable claim was your statement about CAT using their own 4.4L engines. This is also not true unless you consider the Perkins engine to be CAT's own engine. This would be technically true since, once again, CAT owns Perkins and this would make it "their engine". It is a hard cold fact that Perkins still makes CAT's 4.4L and 6.6L ACERT engines- which would put them up to the D6 size, medium wheel loaders, etc. The very ones you say are having all of the issues. That would be a lot of machine models with problems consuming too much oil. I am very sure that you know waaay more than I do about engines, but your source is simply incorrect in this case.:drinkup:
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    The dealer I got pricing from is owned by a good friend. He said if it were a true list price iot would have been over 80K with ALL the options possible.

    I really can't say the final numbers but it's close to his cost..I'm not even considering any other brands of skid steer.
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    Glad it sounds like you can work something out, it really sucks having something and it doesn't help the business. I have been down that road. I've heard about some power companies that have gotten a Mustang version Takkie(to replace the ASV's) to mulch/row mow and they weren't complaining about the ride, they thought with the mulcher out front it balanced it somewhat.
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    The first week of this job I rented a Takeuchi 140 for a low flow rotary mower. I thought the ride wasn't bad and I thought better than the ASV in certain terrain. It also did a little better in real slippery conditions wear the ASV tracks would load up and just spin.
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    Well said! It could happen to anyone. So far, my ASV is still running strong and looking good. So far no problems with all the forward and reverse motions I've been doing within a ten foot area. I even raised, lowered and angled the bucket. With all of the 450 hrs on it I should start thinking about putting money aside for the inevitable ASV breakdown. I'm curious Ron, which bobcats do you own and how have they treated you?
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    I wanted to post a follow up for this story.

    The Product Support Manager for ASV, Buck Storlie contacted me through the TBN forum and we had a very good discussion. I told him the whole story of the motor and other issues I had in the past. The best thing about Buck he didn't deny the ASV RC100 had problems but explained how each of the issues I had were improved on the PT. He mentioned a new machine coming out that he couldn't talk about until April. I really got the feeling ASV is trying hard to improve their machine and is moving in the right direction.

    Then he asked if I had fixed the ASV and I replied "yes", he then said I should fax him the invoice and he would warranry the whole cost! I was speechless....this was over $10,000...

    When a company stands behind a machine like that, it's saying something about them. I am interested to see what the new machines are like.
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    wow! How long ago did your warranty expire? Thats great that they are willing to do that.
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    ted sounds like you may have finally come across some good luck with that machine for a change!!
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    Buck Storlie kicks ass.
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    Has this changed your perception of Asv at all? Will you buy another or will you get a takkie like you mentioned earlier?

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