Another ASV failure

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by QwikDraw, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. DeereMan85

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    Please elaborate.
  2. Digdeep

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    All of the OEMs that I am aware of "void" the machine warranty if the VTS is installed. I think Loegering offers an "insurance plan" if you put VTS on.

    Just out of curiosity...why would you expect an OEM to honor the warranty on their machine if you bought the VTS from another manufacturer (Loegering), especially if it increased the power and strain you would put on the drive train due to increased traction(driving off of one set of chains vs. two), it increased the amount of weight the machine was originally designed to operate with, it added in excess of 2200-3000+lbs (it adds over 3000lbs to the S330) to the machine's operating weight the engine had to lug around, added to the stress the pins and loader arm structure had to endure, etc.?
  3. ksss

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    I posted the warranty verbage. All 8 pages of it, it was deleted.

    I can appreciate being carefull and suspicious, but I am not sure why it is so unbelievable that a warranty would actually be honored. These are large OEM's, shitting on customers warranties and especially extended warranty since your paying additional money for them, is not good business. Maybe I am too trusting but if the dealer knows what I am doing with the machine and maybe its written out somewhere specifying mulching or whatever you may do that may be a point of contention later on.
  4. KTM

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    I really should not have said it that way. The Deere dealer tried to screw a friend, not Deere, I like Deere machines and would own another if there was a different dealer close by.
    When he bought the machine (with extended warranty) the manager assured him that it would not void the warranty to run OTT tracks, If he bought them from him. Well down the road the drives took a big chit at a hefty cost. First they said that they had no record of the extended warranty. So he spent a day finding the paperwork to prove the dealer that he bought one. After the proof they tried to pull the "warranty voids with track deal" , After weeks of arguing and threats they honored the warranty. After that he did not trust the work that was done on the machine, he thought they might of cut some corners ect, so he dumped the machine.
    My Bobcat example is a long story, but this time it was BC that screwed me more than the dealer. Maybe the Koreans will make it a company that will help a guy out. That deal cost BC quite a few lost machine sales around here. To bad I always liked there machines.
  5. DeereMan85

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    That's weird because Deere sells OTTs for skid steers, so there shouldn't be any problem with running them. Even if there were, the dealer doesn't have to share that information with Deere for the warranty claim. We simply report the problem, get approval from Deere, fix it, and get paid. I don't know why a dealer would even want to try to screw the customer over warranty issues. Sure, it may not pay as well as billing the job by the hour sometimes, but that's not worth losing customers over. Your dealer sucks.
  6. KTM

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    Yea, now that you say it, I remember the initial deal was that he had to buy Deere tracks. This is a AG dealer. and yes, there reputation has been going down hill. My wife worked there in high school when a previous owner had it. Once in awhile she will see somebody that she worked with there and they all have either quit or talk about how bad they hate it there now. Some of these people have worked there for years.
    On a side note, The guy had a 280II, man that thing was a dozer with those tracks on it! Every Deere I have ever operated seem like they have awesome power for there size, maybe to much to run OTT's and hog dirt with?
  7. KTM

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    Wonder why it was deleted? I am not completely anti dealer/warranty. And Not to give you a big head KSSS lol. The local CASE/Kubota dealer has been awesome at warranty work. My father had a RTV and they did some repairs out of warranty for him, free of charge.
  8. AWJ Services

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    No you just have a really awesome Dealer who takes care of you.

    I witnessed first hand Bobcats corporate store denying warranty claims on T300's in the original warranty period during the drive motor fiasco and they are not the only manufacturer who has done these things to customers.
  9. stuvecorp

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    I am curious as well why it was deleted, wouldn't think it would be that top secret?
  10. QwikDraw

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    I got some pricing on a Takeuchi TL250 last night with the full extra cooling package, reversing fan and thicker front glass. AND a full 3 year 3000 hour extended warranty...

    If I list the repairs on the ASV without the present motor issue, it would be over 10,000 (and that's not with $6000 for tracks at the end of last year)...all that would have been covered in the Takeuchi warranty.

    That's is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

    If I decide to do this, I will fix the ASV at a later time or sell it as is..

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