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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by TimNNJ, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Your return on your investment is so important so if the ad at least pays for itself than its more than worth it because your getting your name out there as well.

    Regarding the postcards, our Postcards include our Stick-It® feature which really help increase your ROI. It allows your postcard to work like a magnet but only better because the Stick-It will work on stainless steel refrigerators. Stick-It is repositionable & won't leave a residue. You can request a sample packet of our products to try them out at or view a video in action at Our pricing is very competitive - for example you can order 2,500 full color 9x6 postcards on gloss cover with Stick-It - addressed & mailed to selected carrier routes for $0.314 each including postage - free custom design services and the mailing list... or 5,000 for $0.277 each.

    Let me know if you have any direct mail questions, would like to see reports to help you select routes based on income or home value.. or just want conversation about some mailing ideas you have....

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  2. TimNNJ

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    I didn't do it..I am just going to do the postcards, lawn signs..the Christmas light markerting thing and what not for now...rather keep the cash on hand I think
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    Dont regret the decision, I didnt check to see how long you have been doing the lighting but it makes sense to NOT do this particular ad and put the money towards advertising that will "brand" your name and get it in front of more people.

    We are running a full page magazine ad that hits 110,000 houses AND a coupon style mailer (no coupon, ironic) that will hit 80,000 homes both in NY and NJ both of these will run around 4k combined.

    Past experience says we will get between 75 and 150 calls, it's a large range but we are hitting some new areas so I figure it will be on the higher end.

    of those 150 calls, 100 will not set an appt for a variety of reasons, too expensive, wanted us to hang their lights etc.

    of the remaing 50 I would hope to sell 20 or so and based on our average that would be about a 10x ROI.

    Point being, I dont think you would sell 10 of them for the same ROI as you would more than likely get from the postcards etc.

    Good luck.
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    I am in a similar boat here. I ran an add with a local radio station last year, they were 24.7 Christmas, the type of people we are looking for so to speak. All together it ran me $950. I got one job, so I broke even, but I got name recognition. I talked to the saleswoman yesterday, they aren't going with the Christmas format, and she couldn't comprehend why I wasn't going to be interested. Insisted on setting up a meeting, not interested means I am going to be busy.

    At this point not sure what I am going to do with the additional revenue I had budgeted, but it is definitely not going to get wasted on a pop format. Especially, when I hate pop. LOL
  5. TimNNJ

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    Ya I hear you. My wife takes the ferry sometimes and says people don't really look at them..and a buddy took it up there and said he didn't notice the screens..and he is a.d.d so I figured if he didn't see then it was a shot in the dark. I guess I will do 3 rounds of postcards hopefully getting them out next week and then 10-12 days later..I put some signs out already..going to put out another 10 tomorrow for the weekend..
  6. JimmyTheGlove

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    I invested in an advertisement that showed up on LCD TV's in places like Restaurant waiting areas and Doctor office waiting areas. I made my money back and then some in a year but I don't think I'm going to renew again this year.

    Advertising on a ferrie, you'll get a lot more traffic than I did from people at restaurants and doctor offices so I'd say give it a shot. I'll bet it will be worth it.

    The Glove Thumbs Up
  7. TimNNJ

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    Friend just called me to tell me that the clippwr magazine has some of deal foe 850 for the 10000 postcards and delivery. Will have more info later.
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