Another bad customer story

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnman_scott, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. lawnman_scott

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    I get a call for a cleanup, and monthly lawn maintenance to be done asap. So I go and do the estimate, and a red flag pops up instantly, car has plates with the Statue of Liberty on them. That means they pay in advance. I bid $100 to clean up the rathole, and $80 per month to mow it. I tell them they have to pay in advance, so they say can you come back and do it on monday, its a friday now. So i guess it wasnt that big of a hurry, since they didnt have the money then. So i tell them i will be back on monday, to have the $180. No problem. So i call monday am, and they say, come on over. So like an idiot i do. Finish up and go to get my money and she comes out with a crisp $100 bill. Says she will pay the $80 next week when i come to mow. Next week comes and call and call to verify she will be there, stop by and no awnser. A few more calls, no call back. So i call today, tell her that she owes for one cut and i will just send the bill to the owners of the house since its obvious she doenst pay her bills. And said I got the address for the owners of the property off the county database. She finally calls back, and says i never came to cut. I told her it was because she never paid me, so she canceled. I said i would send a bill to the address i got for the owners, evan though i know that "you people" dont pay your bills. A male voice comes on the phone and calls me a dumba$$ lawn mower and he knows what i look like and i dont know what he looks like so i better watch my back. I laughed and said what you going to do? He said im going to come down there and kick your ..... I laughed and said so your in new york with the person who is supposed to be here to pay me? How does that work? You had no intention of paying me you conartist!!! The new york accent really started to come out at that point. It was really worth the $25 to make him so mad. And yes, I BELEIVE BOBBYGEDD'S CUSTOMER STORIES.
  2. JFGLN

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    I don't work for people that do not own the property anymore. I have been burned by renters several times.
  3. Tharrell

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    A couple of Sprite bottles with kerosene inside and no top could find their way onto that lawn. Just make sure it's clear kerosene, they'll pick it up and pour any remainder out thinking it's sprite. Then the smell of kerosene will hit them. Nah, but it would work.
  4. Lawn Dog2001

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    From your post it I take it these people are renters. You did the right thing by demanding money up front. I am always very wary of renters. Especially those out of state. I hope you get the money for your 1 cut. But dont feel to bad. Your intuition, and common sence saved you from maybe being owed four or more cuts. Im glad you got paid for the clean up.
  5. lawnman_scott

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    Actually I think she was the daughter of the owners. It was worth the money in entertainment value in the long run though.
  6. locutus

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    I'd be willing to bet that those renters are 100% Kerry supporters. Con-artists and liars have have an affininty for one another. Take that for what it's worth LD.
  7. GarPA

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    a few balloons filled with Sahara would work nicely....let them try to seed those spots for a year or 2....
  8. ZaK18

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    The same sanario happened to me last week... lets just say there grass is dormant and will stay that way for a very very long time. LOL
  9. Lawn Dog2001

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    Actually, I just heard the intelligence that there are Iraqi WMDs in the basement of that house. I guess the best thing to do is jump straight in with our eyes closed, and blow up the house.
  10. GrassFearsMe

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    Now really what happens if we wait to find out if they are Iraqi WMD's in the basement and suddenly the whole block is gone. Then should we try to look and remove them, so they won't blow up the block? Why do you change your dirty oil every 3000 miles b/c you want to "prevent" problems in the future. Same with iraq remove the dirty leader before it causes problems in the future.

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