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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Craig Turf Management, Jul 16, 2001.

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    I have a property that I picked up late this spring, and it has an infestation of bermuda. The lawn is turf type tall fescue, with about 20% bermuda. I want to spray out the bermuda. I'm thinking of using fusilade II. The question that I have, is would you spray out the bermuda now and have the brown turf until I overseed this property in mid September, or would you spray closer to resseding time? I'm thinking that if I spray now, the bermuda will dry up and decompose and give me a better surface in which to seed TTTF. I know that in the past, seed hasn't done well even in dormant bermuda. This is a non-irrigated property, so I wouldn't think of trying to seed even 20% of the lawn now.

    The Fusilade II seems to be a hot mix, a little goes a long way. Do you folks have much turf damage with this product?

    Ray Kirby, I hope you are reading this since you are in my back yard. I really respect your opinion on such matters.

    Thanks, Bill Craig:blob3:
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    I would wait. Depending on the weather, around September, you will be able to round up the turf aerate/seed/fert. and by the time the turf goes brown you'll only have a few days before the new turf is coming up and the customer won't have to look at a dead yard too long.

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