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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LB Landscaping, Jun 11, 2004.

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    I always laugh when I read about Bobbys nutty customers. Well I had a regular turn into a Bobby customer this year. Been servicing her property for a couple of years, very nice older lady, we do weekly maintenance, spring/fall clean-ups etc. She has always complimented our work and pays on time. Well this year she lost a few screws so to speak. It all started a couple of weeks ago. We went to mow on the regular schedule (Tuesday)and her backyard was a swamp, mowed what we could and showed her how wet the back was she said no problem just get it next time. Thursday comes around and she calls and says, "I have a couple of bags of garden debris do you think you could come and take it away???" I told her to leave it out back and we'd get it when we come to mow (she lives about 20 mins she says thanks and tells me how great we do. Calls the next day (Friday) and says that she would like us to mow every other week because she is low on funds, I said that we don't offer every other week mows since the grass grows too fast and its tough on equipment. She says OK. Calls Sunday says when are you coming to mow my grass is getting long (2 days after she wants every other week), told her we would be over on her regular day Tuesday, she says great. She calls back Monday and says the tree's have blow all kinds of little leaves onto my drive, could you come out today and blow them off??? I told her that we would be there Tuesday (just like every week) and would take care of it then, she says great. Call Tuesday AM and says don't bother coming anymore, I found someone who can come whenever I want them to.:dizzy:
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    I had one that told me to take out all the plants in the garden, she said " put them along side the fence, Ihave a friend thats going to take them " I did it ,...15 minutes later she comes out and goes.." what are those plants doing there , You have to get rid of them, I can't get rid of them myself" I'm like hurry up and lets get out of here before she comes out and asks "What the hell are you doing in my back yard"?
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    That'll last about two weeks. Then go up $10.00 when she calls you back. Gotta' love 'em.
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    I picked up this lady's yard last summer. She was unhappy with her current LCO and asked me for an estimate. She liked my price and hired me. There has not been a week gone by without a note on the fence gate asking me to do this or that. I told her this spring to schedule a date with me for whatever she wants done besides mowing and I would schedule her in and take care of anything that needs to be done. She calls me this week and says that she is letting me go because I am too busy to do the extra "freebies" for her. GOOD RIDDANCE !!!! I told her.....
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    yup, that is what is going to happen
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    I think I'll up it $20 just for the aggrevation:D :D .

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