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I bought this off a Lawnsite member back in 2010 [I think]. I beleive it is a 2006 13hp Briggs. When I talked to BOP and gave them the serial number they told me the lights were a upgrade and the rear tires were also a upgrade to the larger 16X7.5X8. The mower runs great. I do have the deck cover but leave it off so I can blow off the deck when I am through mowing. It has a new dry cell battery and new deck belts and the lights work [but do not know why it needs them]. The OPC lever broke and I tye strapped it down. After strapping it down I found out I liked it better without that being in the way so I never ordered one. The hour meter quite working and I would guess it has around 300 hrs on it now. I have the discharge cover. The new high lift blades or on it now and I do have a set of the Gators in decent shape. I would like to get 900 for it. I just bought a Wright 36" stander and I highly doubt I will use this other than a backup or I would keep it because I really like it for small areas.

2011-12-10 16.01.17.jpg

2011-12-10 16.01.29.jpg

2011-12-10 16.01.38.jpg

2011-12-10 16.01.45.jpg

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Monroe, La
That one looks familiar...bump for a great mower!
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Turf Dawg

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BOP mowers are single hydro or duel hydro. This is the single hydro and I am located in Gainesville TX right on the TX Oklahoma border.
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