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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Aug 7, 2012.

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    If that's a typical Monday I'd hate to see what your bad day is like!!
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    i would say that driver hit the air gate but it did not release and he sent the load home and over she went. Probably went fast and was on its side before he new it.
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    No, the gate opened. And the truck went over VERY SLOWLY.

    Winter of 2011 we had a truck raise the bed with about 18 tons of soil, and the gate didn't open. Scared the you know what out of me, but I stopped the driver before it went any higher.
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    "you said you wanted and eclectic art piece right, see right here we can uplight this, and maybe run some water through here and to the cab. Dont worry a few boulders and you wont even notice the truck!"
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    "I thought I saw a mouse!"
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    Future truck for sale on Craigslist
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  8. DVS Hardscaper

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    Ok, so yeah I posted this thread for fun but it also serves as a wake up call for everyone here.

    We all have gravel delivered and we have soil delivered. Please use this as a learning experience for everyone. And feel free to save the pictures for sharing with your prospective clients.

    I frequently have prospective clients say "oh, we're on a corner lot, you can just back a truck right in and dump". Before this happened I have had people get upset and argue with me when I tell them "no, we will only dump on the driveway". Now I have pictures!

    Yes, the ground in the pic was not perfectly level.

    However, 2 other trucks just dumped with no problems, and one was loaded off center - his load was more on the passanger side, which was the downhill side, and he didnt have any problems.

    If you look at the pic you can see the body is nearly detached from the truck's frame.

    What happened is I'm certain a bolt that holds the bottom of the hoist to the cross member was missing. With the truck on it's side, it was easy to do an inspection. Yes, some bolts DID shear when the truck flipped. But the bottom of the hoist was connected with 2 LARGE bolts that went through a flange that bolted to the cross member. The bolt on the driver's side was missing, the hole that the bolt went through was full of road grime. Had the bolt been there and merely sheared when the truck flipped - that hole would have been clean, not dirty. There were not even any scratch or rub marks evidencing that the bolt sheared.

    So folks - even if the ground is level, stand away from these trucks when they're dumping. All it takes is a mechanical failure and that truck can come tipping over on you.

    We used the skid steer to lift it back on it's wheels while another truck pulled it with a chain. Also had to use the excavator to set the body on the frame after the truck was uprighted.

    Flipped Truck 3.jpg
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    scary stuff man. I agree, mundane stuff can kill you! Seems to be the theme of the week
  10. knox gsl

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    Did it total the frame?
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