Another company just called me.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Miller5862, May 17, 2018.

  1. Miller5862

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    So dude calls and asks if we have any openings hes got some lawns hes trying to get rid of. Im like yah we have openings but in my head im like this is a red flag. So he says he has a few he will give away for free im thinking well thats the only way id take um i dont pay brokers. He tells me the first one is about an hour and a half to do for 50 bucks. Im like it sounds under quoted. Hes like well yah and the lady wants a second cut this week and basicly said she wasnt paying for it. Im like man so now under quoted and troublsome home owner. I tell him i prefer to quote myself i let him know my prices because honestly if he steals them hell be better off than he is now. But this guy sounded so stressed out over this lawn that i actually felt realy bad.

    Anyhow i dont think there is a scenario of another company calling me to give me customers id like. Either its under bid or theres going to be some kind of issue. No one is giving away well bidded money makers with good homeowners.
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    You're way I give away accounts I make money on. He under bid the lawns and doesn't want to continue to lose money and is afraid he'll get bad reviews for simply dropping them.
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    I give away a bunch but its because they ask, and Im not looking for more yards. I cut 30+ for 17 years now 5, or 6 is all I care to fool with. I give away the ones people want me to take but I tell them the price quote, and arrangements are not mine to make. They will have to work that out with whoever I send to them. But I dont blame you he should tell them that you will be giving them your quote not his old one.
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    Yep I had a lady call me yesterday to do a lawn I maintained the previous 2 years for the homeowner. She's now renting the same property and wanted to know if I'd come mow it until she got her mower fixed. She said it hasn't been mowed all year. I told her I wouldn't be able to do it till next week. I referred her to someone else. This time of year allows me to only take on clients I want and can make good money on going forward.
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    I had one approach me one time. He stopped me when I was out mowing. This guy does different types of work. He does vehicle detailing and lawns. He wanted to give away several accounts because he didn't have the time to do everything. One was apartments. I told him I wasn't interested because my schedule was full.

    He was probably legit, but the thing about this is usually people keep what they like and get rid of what they don't like. I don't want my own headache customers, much less someone else's. lol...I don't like apartments anyway.
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    I just had a competitor call me the other day looking for a price to mow “his” lawn. Gave him my price and he said “I’ll talk with my wife” ok cool, life goes on. I’m finding that a lot of time wasters or tire kickers are coming out of the wood works.
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  7. Miller5862

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    You think maybe he just wanted to figure out your prices? I dont think the guy who called me wanted mine think he just couldnt handle the crap jobs he had anymore lol.
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    Luckily I have not had many tire kickers lately. I love weeding them out on the phone. I ask them more than they ask me lol..If I don't like the vibe, I am not even looking. Many of the calls I had this year were people that were friends of friends or friends of my customers. I know they are less likely to be tire kicking. I hate people wasting my time. I don't mind so much if I am already in the neighborhood, but I don't want to waste my time when I could be at home doing something I want to be doing.
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  9. weeze

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    that would be $75 here. tell him you set your own prices. it's none of his business what you charge the customer. it's between you and the customer.
  10. Todd73

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    I had a guy approach me last year. Said he was moving. Wanted to sell his accounts. We start texting as as the conversation goes on, the average price of the accounts goes down and down and down until it’s waaaaaay below my minimum. I walked. Came to the conclusion he was either trying to unload his problems, didn’t know his numbers, or both.

    This guy the OP has seems like he’s trying to bail out on bad accounts.
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