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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Jul 16, 2003.

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    ok, here it is, you guys be the jury: our fert programs are pre pay, thats right, paid in full , for the whole year , before anything goes down. the contracts also say that they must water properly, we are not responsible for acts of god, it says exactly what type of weeds, insects will be controled, the whole 9 yards. well, this guy pays for a program $550. everything is looking good. we also cut the lawn there. well, since it stopped raining, this guy hasnt even turned on the sprinkler system. lawns lookin bad, and weeds are popping up around the edges(very typical when customer neglects watering) . ground is so dry, we put down a treatment, i couldnt even get the flag in the ground. well, its july 16th, and i havnt recieved payment that was due june 30th. we go over to cut, i knock on door, ask whats up. he says, i paid for a program to make my lawn look great, its not really that green, and ive got a few brown spots, and my neighbors have green lawns. im not paying the grasscutting bill, cus im not happy with the appearence of the lawn. i speak with him briefly, tell him to look over his contract carefully, and stop my man from weedwacking. i tell him when we resolve this matter, ill return, i also advise him that last week the ground was so dry and hard, i couldnt even get the flag in the ground, and i can see it still hasnt been watered. he feels that the excessive rain we had in april and may should be enough. i say read your contract, i expect a check for junes mowing, any questions, call me. any thoughts, opinions?
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    He needs to pay his bill & turn on the water. a perfect example of why contracts are so important
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    what do you do if he still refuses payment?
    what steps do you take to get payed?
    I'm not being just like to know what to do before i run into a situation like this.
  4. redbull

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    you sue for breach of contract - in this state you can go to small claims if the amount is not over $5000
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    Small Claims all the way
  6. TotalCareSolutions

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    Whats stronger a massive Oak tree or a blade of grass....
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    :blob3: Bobby i feel for ya im in central jersey and its my eight year and i have to say that this year is by far the worst when it comes to the customers. i swear some of then have no idea that it rained for almost 2 months. i get comments like "wow have you lost employees" i say no with a very confused look, asking why, "well in may and june you where very off schedule. i try to exp.lain and they dont get it. w've only been out of the woods about 3 weeks and finally gettin caught up on side work, still need about 2 more weeks to get all the PITA done. most people are understanding but its that 5 or so that makes you wonder why you even do this. tony
  8. Water.............

    What happened a month ago don't mean squat.
  9. 1grnlwn

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    Well you should have about $250 of that fert prepay not allocated. Use it to pay the mowing bill and if any is left do last app. and send him on his way.
  10. Gr grass n Hi tides

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    Great solution. No conflict. No lost income.......and if you are able to put down the last app. you end it on a good note.

    I would have handled it just the way you did the day you knocked on the door to ask about your bill. Plus, your paper work sounds right on the mark. Having a great lawn requires a joint effort between home owner and LCO - that's exactly what my paper work says & what I tell clients. The guy didn't uphold his end & his lawn looks bad as a result. No fault of yours & time to cut ties with him.

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