Another Day of Drive-bys

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Aug 21, 2002.


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    Drove by 6 accounts today that didn't need mowing. Some of my weeklys are going on 4 weeks without being mowed. This is becoming absurd. Living in the mountains of NC, we have somehow been able to escape the 3 year drought that has been gripping the southeast. Not this summer. Good thing I have alot of side work to do, but I would rather be mowing since this the bread and butter of my biz. I feel for my lco brothers that have to go through this every year.

  2. chariot

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    I feel your pain. Last week I mowed all of 2 out of 32 accounts. many of my weekly are also going on 4 weeks. Times like this I wish that I had more under contract for yearly payment.
  3. AGG Lawn Maintenance

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    Wow you got me man!!! I thought you were talking about drive bys. The bang bang shoot them up drive bys!!! Just kidding. I feel your pain. I skipped about 40 lawns this week. We do tons of lawn so it doesn't hit my pocket as much. When I was alot smaller it really hit my pocket. Best of luck to you. And hey to a rain dance theres too much sun out here:cool: Travis
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    I share your pain. Mine are pretty much in the same boat except some irrigated ones I dosed with 24-5-11 the last week of July which are growing like it is May. However, I don't know how much longer til the reinstate drought restrictions. To be honest...I don't understand why they lifted them in the first place.

    It is kind of humorous watching the news. New Jersey just placed Statewide drought restrictions banning watering of lawns. People were on the news and said "well it rained yesterday...why are we still in a drought?". Other places like Delaware which rely heavily on streams for their drinking water just placed bans in effect a few weeks ago after it got to the point of no return. Couldn't they have taken a note from their neighboring States from which a lot of their water drains from and which had drought em,ergencies? Some people are just ignorant or shall I say clueless.

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