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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 28AcresToMow, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    Hope the neighborhood kids don't run through his sprinkler! Lol!
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  2. AI Inc

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    yes , heads and vb's should be violet.
  3. 28AcresToMow

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    Okay, I have found a purple lid for the valve box. Is it possible to change the covers on the rotors from green to purple? And it looks like I have to change to PVA valves to get purple handles? OR, is it just time to head to the sprinkler store?

    Thanks guys!

    (purple just really isn't my color though:laugh:)
  4. hoskm01

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    Homeowner installed system, do the same rules apply as far as plumbing code and equipment coloring?

    Run them at night and if someone chooses to drink it, I think they'll discover quickly by the taste and probably the smell that they should not be drinking it.
  5. 28AcresToMow

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    Well if I run a new electrical circuit as a homeowner I still have to do that to code, so I would imagine the same would apply here.

    There are two sprinkler supply places in Des Moines, a Reams Supply and a John Deere Landscaping place. I'll check those out and see if I can get some purple covers.
  6. Wet_Boots

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    for covers alone, you might have better luck with the factory.
  7. greenmonster304

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    I have often wondered for who's benefit is the purple lids and caps? The end user, future contractors, or the public? It seems to me the only people who would know what the purple stuff means would be a contractor.
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  8. JeffY

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    I believe that if using reclaimed water, there needs to be a sign stating that it is reclaimed water and no drinking.
  9. 28AcresToMow

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    Thanks to your help, irrigation has been working excellent!! Of course, I was still opening the valves manually though. So I finally got around to installing the electrical side of things. Rainbird ESP timer and Hunter PSR 52 ( I must have been looking at a larger pump than the GT10 when I purchased the 52...) with a service disconnect box between the PSR and the fusebox. Wired it all up and the contactor in the box just rattles. I'm thinking what did I do wrong now???? Get out the voltmeter, I've got 28 VAC from the master valve connection at the timer and in the PSR. I've got 240 VAC coming in the PSR. I take the contactor out of the case, set it on the bench and wire up the 24 volt connections. It works just fine as long as the contactor is laying face up. If the dumb thing is in the installation position, for some reason it doesn't make contact.

    I've already ordered a new contactor, so this is more of a gripe / has this happened to you more than a help me thing. So, anyone else ever have this happen?
  10. greenmonster304

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    There is a flyer in the ESP box that lists compatable psr and the hunter is not on the list. The ESP might not have enough amps to hold the contactor.
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