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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jwaddill, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. jwaddill

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    I have been reading through the threads on this subject and wanted to get opinions that pertain to my current setup. most of the posts I have seen also talk about buying brand new or having to take a loan out for the truck.

    I m currently looking at

    a 92 f350 7.3l dump that is diesel and automatic. unsure if it is 4x4 but I should know today. it currently has right at 220k for mileage and is tagged for farm use. truck looks fair to good in the pictures minus a tear on the seat but that is a simple seat cover. the post says they just used it to haul 2 tons of stone less than a week from the date of posting. the truck is listed right at $3200


    2019 Hawke 6X10 7K Dump trailer new from the dealer that is just under $5k out the door.

    I currently have a crew of 1-3 depending on if landscaping or mowing. a 08 Silverado 1500 lt crew cab short bed and it pulls my 5x15 utility trail just fine but the trailer is a single axle and I am able to load 4 yards of mulch on there if the mulch is dry. I was given a leaf vac and built a box for the front of the trailer this past fall that worked well till I had to unload it. I need to get one of the two for mulching, leaf cleanups, grass clippings during spring flush, seed prep, landscape jobs, etc, etc. my current set up is not cutting it. if I go the dump trailer route I was told I should add an airbag set up to counter the squatting from the trailer loaded. the truck already has a brake controller set up. after giving the dealer my vin, I was told I can tow 6800 pounds with my 1500.

    I have $7500 set aside for this jump. I m looking for opinions and advice.

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    I’d probably get the dump trailer. That is a nice truck for sure, I actually want one too, all said and done a repair/maintenance /parts could set you back, Unless your dead set on getting a 2nd truck.. then make sure it’s 4x4- and works

    Used trucks deals are always around, even in summer..
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  3. Hoosier_Fan

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    Just a heads up if you go for the truck just be prepared for underwhelming performance from that motor since its a N/A IDI (unless someone put a turbo kit on it). Those trucks tend to be very reliable though. I had two of those IDI's and put a lot of miles on them with little to no trouble. It just seemed like I was fixing little things almost daily with them, but thats the main reason why I got into newer trucks (and they have more power:D).

    As for the truck vs trailer debate, I would lean toward the new trailer myself. Main reason being you're not going to have as many headaches fixing little things here and there on it. Also I think new(er) equipment makes your company look better overall, I think first impressions with customers mean a lot. Not saying old stuff can't look good, just more often than not it doesn't around here.

    Another thing to think about, what happens if your main truck goes down, do you have a backup plan? If not, the dump truck could be used for your primary vehicle until you get your truck going again.
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  4. Mdirrigation

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    Whats is there to maintain on a dump trailer ? Tires , brakes , lights , bearings .

    What is there to maintain on a truck ? Insurance and a whole lot more .

    There is no right or wrong answer . They both have their pluses and minuses .

    I have had both , currently have a dump trailer . Its there when I need it . no insurance needed . Its easier to load , its much lower , minimal maintenance . They hold their value . They are multi purpose , haul debris , haul equipment . Buying NEW they are MUCH cheaper than a dump truck . I dont have the need for a dedicated dump truck , I use a 1 ton van , a 3/4 ton crew cab , and a Excursion all can move the family , all can pull the trailer .

    When I go to the landfill all you see now is dump trailers , big to small . They outnumber dump trucks 10 to 1 .
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  5. Mowing monkey.

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    I have a Chevy 3500 dump truck and it’s great. I’d take it 10-1 over a dump trailer. My biggest complaint is that it’s not a 3500HD. The hd has a 50 percent higher GVW.
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  6. brichter14

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    I vote trailer. Keep tools in the truck.
  7. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

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    If those are the two options thenI would say the dump trailer. I really think you should reconsider things and think about were you want your operations to be in the future. I think you maybe should up your game with a one ton pickup or a newer better dump truck than the old ford. A 7k dump trailer will not haul much rock. Maybe a 10k dump trailer would work with your half ton for now if your just hauling leaves or mulch and keep your max trailer weight to 7000 pounds until you get a bigger truck.
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  8. OP

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    Thank you for the replies. I went with the f350 with the dump bed. Ultimately it came down to not wanting to worry about the trailer owning that truck. even with airbags and trailer I felt it would be too much for that truck as well as the wear and tear placed on it. The other reason was I wanted this dump trailer/truck for leaf cleanups and seed prep in regards to grass clippings. I did not like the idea of having to make two trips so I had my mowers and equipment on site with the dump trailer. I was able to talk the price down on the truck as well.

    Thank you for all of the input. It helped me make the final choice.
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  9. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

    Mac-s Lawn & Snow LawnSite Senior Member
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    Great, lets see some pics. How long is the box on it? If you don't know much about diesels check out a magazine called Diesel World, very informative and their vendors probably still have some idi parts.
  10. OP

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    This is the only good one I have at the moment i will get some later today when i go do a few of the bulbs that need to be changed out. I'll probably end up getting it painted silver to match my 1500 and then throw signs on the dump bed with the company name and logo. I will deff would check out that magazine I had AA friend of mine who's a diesel mechanic could go over it very thoroughly before I bought it and said everything looked fine no blow by are anything to worry aboutThe only thing that I need to replace is a few minor bulbs and if I want to this steering Box as it is a little loose.

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