another fatal accident . . .

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowtech, Jul 20, 2006.

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    That's it ? we need pictures with make n model of mower along serial numbers so we can hash it out on this site.

    That is why I like a good stander you simply jump off the machine.
  3. mowtech

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    DC, model & SN unknown.
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    I was mowing the other day and for the first time ever almost flipped it. Was mowing along a ditch, and I moved the seat that day so it must of thrown my judgement off and I got too close. Right when it started to tip I smacked the blades off, tried to save it and then got ready to bail. Luckily it stopped and was just teetering. I decided to leave the ROPS on just for this account and I put them up now, I used to just leave them down because it can't happen to you right?
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    This happened about an hour from my home, it is a pretty nice area with a lot of really nice homes , but some of the homeowners are to cheap to hire someone to mow , but go out and buy a $7,000 or $8000 mower for ther 1/2 million home and then we wonder why there are accidents like this. I'm sorry for his family.
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    a week ago a guy i went to school with, he works for his brother in the lawn business, was mowing his yard, did it hundreds of times, something happened, ended upside down on him. He layed maybe 10 minutes before someone driving by found him, he broke all ribs, sternum with other injuries he's doing better now but has a long way to go. it can happen in a split second , doesn't matter what kind of ztr it was, as it can happen with any of them, he is one lucky person to just be alive now.
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    we mow some pretty steep angles but always up and down. Nothign steep near a pond thats push mower or WB territory right there. Banks can give way too easy if the grounds saturated.

    We keep our ROPS down to avoid tree and guy wire hang ups except for a few accts that are rather steep. There we belt in and get the bar up.

    after hearing stories like this there should be some regulations on these things. They aint toys. You dont know how many acreage owners round here have exmarks or scags then you see thier 12 year old boys running them. Just aint smart.

    This is dumber than the idiots i see mowing rock infected strips along the road with no chutes discharging right into a busy road. Just stupid stupid stupid
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    I was at the shop getting some parts 2 summers ago, a construction firm was unloading a Z out of the back of a stakebody truck. 1 of the ramps fell and he crash landed on the pavement. He cracked his collar bone and broozed 4 ribs. We pushed the Z over and pulled him out. It did not look fun at all!
  9. mike lane lawn care

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    were no ROPS used?
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    Upfront, let me say that I'm a lawyer. I am representing a mother and father who lost a daughter in a ZTR rollover. She was employed by a municipality, and they bought a ZTR without a ROPS. ROPS wasn't standard equipment when it was bought (Dec. 2005), although it is now, and the retailer didn't recommend the $150 "option" even though they knew the ZTR would be used to mow public parks with hills, creeks and riverbanks. One Feb. when the ground was a little moist, this girl turned the ZTR on a slight slope, lost traction, slid down the slope to the bank of a creek, where the back wheels dropped a foot or two to the creek bottom, flipping the mower backwards. The girls was pinned in by the handles and couldn't get out.

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