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    In April of 2000, I had our 2nd child. I really didn't want to leave him in daycare while I worked full time. But we couldn't make the bills without some income from me. My husband is a full time firefighter which gives him several days off during each month. He came up with the idea of starting a lawn care business. I didn't want to at first, but if I worked with him mowing lawns, I wouldn't have to work full time for someone else. So on hubby's work days, I'm home being Mommy, on the other days, I'm out mowing.

    It works out really well because I have always done office work, so I know how to do the business end of it.

    We started out with a 1990 F-250, a commercial Honda 21", and Weedeater trimmer and blower, and an older Pro Plow for snow plowing. Year 2 got a 1998 GMC 3/4 ton 4X4 truck with brand new pro plow, 16' trailer, Echo trimmer, Stihl Hedge Clippers, Husqvarna blower, and used a garden tractor to mow our larger accounts. Year 3, got a Scag ZTR 48", an aerator, and a dethatcher.

    The first 2 years were a little rough, but this year, it has been awesome. I never dreamed that I would be mowing high end accounts in such a short time. Also, we have only lost 1 customer in 3 years. That was because her son started doing it for extra money.

    I have watched other LCO's come and go since we started. I've learned from their mistakes. I have no desire to be the biggest LCO in town, only the best.

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