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  1. lurch

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    yes but that enticement of the free cut is what hooks them in the first least in my experience...all of my clients have been hooked by that deal...
  2. Runner

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    Show me a restaurant that after I buy a meal for my family, they give me 10% everything I ever order everytime I come in there for the rest of my life. Show me a store that does the same thing. A service garage? A Dentist? A car wash? ANYTHING???? Hmmm,....can't come up with any, eh?
  3. CoreyD

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    why dont you just forget the 10% off stuff..... i think its kinda stupid.... as long as you do a good job they should'nt have a problem paying you whatever you long as its a fair price of course....

    but thats just what i think so dont be dising me about what im posting here anyone -.-
  4. lurch

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    Nobody will 'diss' if you use proper english
  5. Runner

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  6. biggin69

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    Overall, i think that your dooehangers look great. I agree with the rest of the guys with the whole 10% thing. I would just leave it off. I guess overing a free cut is ok? I offer a free cut if one of my accounts gets me a referal.
  7. RedMax Man

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    Good looking flyer and it's nicely layed out. Sorry but i just don't really agree with the whole discount and 10% thing like many of the others. I think offeing a free cut if the customer has fulfilled curtain requirements but after that i just do reg. price. I offer a free cut under some circumstances to entice new customers but often just a discount. You can't work for free. Hope that that flyer gets you lots of work (i meant that in a nice way, not being sarcastic).
  8. smcunningham

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    Thanks to everyone for all the sugg/responses.......
    Will post in a little while my changes

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