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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AlleganyLawnCare, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. AlleganyLawnCare

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    I got a call this morning to drive to this other town for a hedging job. The family lives on a farm. On the way, the wife calls and says she thinks it should only cost $45. I told her, that her husband has not given me any details on the job at all, but I was on my way to look and give an estimate. I thought to myself, "oh no" (didn't listen to it though).

    when I got there, I told myself I was completely mistaken, she didn't say $45, she was referring to something else (Possible estimate of how long I it would take for me to get there. Or so I told myself.).

    She proceeds to tell me she wants the entire driveway cut back about 18", plus do the sidewalk ( it has about 5 bushes). Plus dispose of it.

    She then tells me that she feels it should only cost $30 ("it shouldn't take no more than hour") for the entire project. I said there is no way. She then proceeded to tell me about last year, where teenagers did it for that amount.
    I told her again about it being impossible for that amount. Then she tells me, that she wants it done right then!

    You know, I must have been a fool, for I could have retired on that $30 bucks (in Africa), but I had to say no thanks. Was I wrong on passing up that lucrative job or what?

  2. The Captain

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    You were smart, not putting yourself in another tax bracket, by passing on this lucrative job. You really did make money not taking this one. Maybe she can find those 'teenagers' again ( if they're not hiding from her). I'm surprised you saw the turnoff for the driveway.

  3. sheshovel

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    She was nuts!Just nuts!Probably never did herself!
  4. AlleganyLawnCare

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    To be completely honest, I really wasn't even sure I was driving to the correct house or what. For a tad bit (when I pulled onto the road, er., I mean driveway), I thought I was on some rural county road, that was abandoned.
  5. Runner

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    Just give her your price and say "Have a nice day."
    your price will be different now though, becauise you have already been there. By what I see, plus 5 more along a sidewalk, she's looking at a whole lot of money since 18" in is going to put you into some decent sized wood.
  6. chimmygew

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    It's nice of her to tell you she wants 18" cut off the drive when it is overhanging 5'.
  7. fga

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    if i'm looking at it right..
    me and one guy, could easily do that in an hour, 1 1/2 tops. $45 would have been fair. 1 guy uses the machete, while the other rakes. no fuel costs.
  8. AlleganyLawnCare

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    what you don't see is the driveway doing a dog-left turn for another 20 feet or so, and at the end of the driveway (what you can see of it, on the right of the pic) actually opens up to a turnaround driveway that needs doing. Plus not to mention the sidewalk (granted that is the smallest part out of the entire thing).

    the grass is approx. 1 foot tall min., when I asked about that being part of the job (before she told me her "thoughts" on the cost), she stated not to worry about the grass, for she takes care of it.

    Now this part is not to down foreigners or anything like that, but I do feel it has some play in her mind about costs. Her and her husband from what I can gather are from Europe (exactly where at - not sure of). And she is like in her mid-40s to low 50s, so I can rule out living on social security.
  9. Remsen1

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    Wow! She and I would've been so far apart on price that I wouldn't have even told her my price. I would've just said "Sorry ma'am, but you're going to have to find somebody else if you only expect to pay $30."

    By a glance at the picture and maybe not having proper perspective that looks more like a $300 bill.

    This is why I try to get as much info as I can over the phone. I haven't gotten so I can estimate trimming bushes over the phone, but I think I could've learned enough to know that it wouldn't be worth the drive for a personal estimate.
  10. Remsen1

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    Either I am way off, or you are, but I think that is WAY more than a 3 man hour job. You only charge $15 per man hour? I'd rather make $0 sitting on my couch.

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