another fun debate. Which is faster?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Oct 4, 2005.

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    Now that Wright seems to have gotten the message on the fixed deck only standers with some quick adjust models coming out in the smaller sizes (based on sentar sport) I'm again going to consider them. Of course unfortunately they seem to have chosen to drop the 42" deck size.

    I know the 52" small frame is probably not going to be what I want, based on scalping concerns and also power for mulching. So I'd have to go with a 36" since I want the quick adjust deck and the ability to do gated back yds is a plus.

    The question:

    Which is going to mow small/medium Bermudagrass lawns, typical subdivision stuff, while mulching, faster? A 44" ZTR or a 36" stander? Longest single run w/o turning would be 75-100'.

    The hills advantage of standers is not a factor, I no longer mow any serious hills. I like the space on the trailer and lighter weight, plus hopefully reduced turf damage though.

    Anyone have actual experience with standers mulching Bermuda? Can't demo them in Winter since the Bermuda is dormant then. I'd go for the biggest engine I could get on a 36" (17hp?)

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